You’re an experienced marketing professional. You’ve launched campaigns, you’ve been the person telling company executives where the brand needs to go, and you are ridiculously good at your job.

Growing a brand shouldn’t feel like rocket science. And increasing brand awareness definitely shouldn’t be making you break a sweat. But it seems like the more you brainstorm, the more you’re struggling to gain traction.

Whether you’re dealing with business brands or personal brands, we’ve got the advice you need. Keep reading to see some of our hottest branding tips.

1. Figure Out Your Audience

All the experienced marketers are talking about creating buyer personas and running more personalized campaigns. Why? Because it’s easier to establish yourself that way.

Look at Nike. Creating a shoe that appeals to seniors with bunion problems, nurses in need of work shoes, and partygoers in search of strappy numbers would be impossible. So instead, Nike made shoes for athletes and athlete-adjacent people and then inked a deal with Michael Jordan.

If you don’t know who your audience is or what they like, you’ll have a hard time cultivating the kind of brand presence that makes them say, “Whoa. I need to pay attention to these guys.”. But when you get your future customers, you can create laser-focused content in your sleep.

2. Master a Few Select Platforms

When launching a brand awareness campaign, it’s easy for marketing teams to develop the advertising equivalent of Shiny Object Syndrome. After all, if you can get 10,000 views on a day on one platform, how much better will it be to get 100,000 views on ten platforms?

This isn’t a good idea for a couple of reasons. For starters, building an Instagram account takes different skills than growing out a YouTube channel or running a billboard campaign. And for another, it can be hard to gain momentum on a platform if you’re spread between five or six sites that you don’t know well.

The saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” can make for an amusing punchline. But you don’t want your potential customers to be saying that about your brand. Choose your platforms, and even then, consider working with a company like Clear Start for some of your more specialized marketing needs.

3. Maintain Consistency

Can you tell when you’re looking at a goth outfit? How do you know if you’re watching a commercial for a children’s show versus something like Law and Order?

It may sound basic, but building a brand often comes down to simply being consistent. If your brand uses pastels one day and dark tones the next, people might not even realize that both posts came from you.

Look closely at your font type, color palette, and even the sounds and images you use. When people see your posts, they should immediately be able to say, “Oh. It’s that person or company.”.

Looking at Increasing Your Brand Awareness? Try These Tips!

Increasing brand awareness isn’t something that happens overnight. You have to create your assets, pin down your vocabulary, and know your platforms. Even though it might take a lot of effort, however, putting your brand in front of people is an investment that’s worth making.

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