sump pump

The sump pump does a lot of work, especially during heavy rainfalls. And due to over-pumping, the sump pump loses its efficiency and longevity. So, here are the few signs mentioned that will help you recognize the right time for the replacement of the sump pump.

● You can hear a weird sound from the sump pump-

The weird sound coming out of the sump pump indicates that the sump pump is damaged or worn out. It may be caused due to the blockage in the motor or a damaged impeller. 

● Limited usage of the pump-

Just like any other machinery product, if the sump pump is not used frequently, then it can reduce its longevity. Periodic testing and maintenance of the sump pump in between heavy rainfall are necessary. If maintenance is not done at the right time, then you might need to replace it with a newer one that may cost higher. 

● Rusting-

If there is a red-brownish coating on the battery terminal or discoloration, then it indicates rusting. Also, a gel-like substance can block the drainage and affect the sump pump. Some iron bacteria, due to their color, grows in iron water, causing discoloration of water and deteriorating human health. 

● Motor failure-

Due to an internal wiring fault, the sump pump can’t effectively pump the water. If there is an electrical signal to the main unit, but still the pump doesn’t work, that means there is a severe electrical problem. Ensure that the discharge line is clear, so that water can easily exit your home. 

● Frequent power cut- 

Mostly all sump pumps are directly connected to the main electrical power system. Few of the sump pump components can be completely damaged due to frequent power cut off. If you have a backup power system, then you’re on the safer side, otherwise, frequent power failures can create a huge fuss in the sump pump functioning. 

● If the sump pump runs for a longer time- 

If the sump pump runs for a longer time, then its horsepower efficiency reduces, which makes it insufficient to handle the desired volume of water or the distance it must pump water. Right size sump pump mainly depends upon few factors such as plumbing pathway, pipe dimensions, etc. 

Hope, all these signs will help you to recognize the right time for the replacement of the sump. Make sure to check a variety of sump pump options available in the market and choose the best sump pump for your basement. 


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