Court Reporting

Whether it is arranging a deposition or keeping records of a trial, court reporters play an important role in a justice system. They are the record makers of a judicial proceeding. Since the creation of a permanent and accurate record is critical for the protection of rights of all parties, therefore, court reporters tend to enjoy a highly significant role in litigation of any matter.

Professional court reporters are responsible for documentation of court proceedings by recording and preparing transcripts of the proceedings. These records are used by attorneys, judges, and litigants. The records prepared by court reporters can help attorneys win their case because they provide resources, required by the lawyer, in a cost-effective manner. These resources can be required for trial preparation, or for compilation, planning, presentation, and archiving of official records. There are few qualities which attorneys really look forward to in a court reporter because it makes their job easy, hassle-free and convenient. Let’s take a look at the qualities:

1. Retain Confidentiality and Neutrality

The litigation process includes dealing with sensitive and confidential information. Quite often court reporters might come across some hidden or interesting details about people’s lives. It is highly desirable quality for a court reporter to maintain a high level of confidentiality and professionalism because these details are available only for the purpose of proceedings. If disclosed, they have the potential to affect the judicial outcomes.  The protection of confidential information ensures an unbiased record of witness testimony, as well as lawyer motions and objections. Therefore, attorney’s love to work with those professional court reporters who are reliable and have a reputation of protecting confidential information. Good reporters realize that an information leak can be disastrous to the lawsuits.

2. Can Manage Time well

Professionalism in every field demands time management. Same is the case with court reporters. If a court reporter has time management skills, he becomes attorney’s favorite person to work with, instantaneously.  Since, reporters are dealing with a lot of deadlines and they need to prepare transcripts side by side, therefore, it is imperative for them to be organized and good time management skills. Other than managing time effectively, attorneys appreciate those court reporters who are punctual and who reach the court before the proceeding’s start time. Reaching the court before start time enables court reporters to set up, relax, and talk with the attorneys beforehand.

3. Perfect Grammar and Punctuation

The job of a professional court reporter is to prepare records. And this job is not confined to typing only, rather includes editing as well. In order to prepare good records, the court reporter must exhibit flawless writing skills such including grammar and spelling. Even though a reporter is only recording the exact words of someone else, there is need to punctuate these sentences so that they are easy to comprehend afterwards. A good court reporter must possess excellent grammar skills, along with exceptional command over court language, so that he can prepare records without any error or mistake.

4. Punctual and On-Time

The legal world is super fast-paced, and the court reporter has to keep up with the pace.  Hence, it is critically important be able to keep up with the proceeding speed of the court. It is extremely important to arrive on time because nothing looks worse than a court reporter that is late for the deposition, or arrives at the exact time. Therefore, attorneys find those court reporters more favorable who are punctual and reliable.

5. Possess Strong Writing Skills

Court reporting is all about preparing records accurately and in details. Good court reporters keep everything ready for the preparation of high quality records and transcripts. Those legal documents which have a strict format requirement must be followed and adhered to. Attorneys are fond of those court reporters that have a command on legal terminologies, so that these can be imbedded in preparing transcripts. A good speed in recording events ensures that the transcripts have all the details which were required in documents. Since court reporters have to record every single word uttered by the speakers, they must pay focus on details.

6. Tech Savvy

The COVID pandemic has altered the dynamics of all industries in terms of functioning. As more and more work is being done from home, and remote services are being preferred, therefore, court reporters must possess a good knowledge of IT. This can help them in live streaming and dealing with sophisticated gadgets.


Court reporters play a significant role in court proceedings and judicial matters. Due to their importance in a legal setting, attorneys tend to choose a reporter who is not only skilled and experienced, but also makes their job easier by providing impeccable services.

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