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7 not so obvious sources of passive income

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We can’t control the universe, but we can make sure to be able to face some uncertainties and shield ourselves from money-related issues. Regarding that, here is what we suggest to you as the options for earning passive income. Check out IncomeHolic for more passive income ideas. 

Online tutoring and online courses

Turn your skills into profit by creating tutorials, online courses. Whatever your skill, foreign languages, trading, math, or some kind of crafting, the internet sphere is ideal to find someone that will need what you are offering. In the beginning, you may start with freebies, which is some education and learning content your potential clients get just by subscription to your newsletter. After having created a decent group of interested people, you can start offering paid services. 

Dividend stocks

It’s a classic type of passive income since you really don’t have to do anything besides the initial investment. The money from dividends just lands into your account, and the more good shares you own, the more profit you will have. You can get a better idea on how well your investment is doing by using an investment calculator to keep track of your growth. Despite the simplicity of this kind of making money, it’s always recommendable to ask for advice from a financial expert to make sure you are going in the right direction and diversify your investments.

Trading Forex

Many people these days recourse to online Forex trading. And it’s not surprising at all. Entering into the Forex market means you open yourself the door to the source of passive income amounting to thousands of dollars. You can even reach the point of ditching your primary job and switch to trading full time. Many have achieved that level with a good trading plan, discipline, and willingness to learn how to master this market. If you wish to start the trading activity, your first move should be to find a suitable Forex broker. But not just suitable in terms of good spreads and fees but also regulated and available in your language.

Rent home space you don’t use

Yes, we know. The first thing that pops up in your mind is that you don’t wanna strangers in your home. And this is not very suitable in corona circumstances. Meanwhile, you should maybe work on spicing up some decoration elements. And be prepared for the time when people will finally start to move and travel. In general, the AIRBNB concept turns out to be very lucrative with minimal risk. In case you have an unused room in your house, or maybe more, you should reconsider this idea and start advertising your space as soon as the circumstances start allowing. 

Affiliate marketing

Here you need to pick up the niche of your interest, make your blogging website appealing, and treat the top interesting topics. Also, you can go for a very specific niche for a small circle of people but which covers lucrative products and services. Once you build a circle of followers, you can start advertising other businesses by offering them a link to their website. Every time they get the client, thanks to the link they clicked on your website you get paid. 

  1. Trade currencies

Lately, the price of some major currencies has gone through the roof, but there are new and promising digital currencies that are not out of your reach. Their price might go up in the years to come, which is the most probable scenario. Think of those that invested in BTC several years ago. Now they are rich people. 

  1. Sell your crafts online

If you are creative and passionate about crafts, you can find your chance to profit on many online marketplaces. The stuff one can see goes from jewelry to clothing, leather goods, fine art, and similar products. You can even make your own brand and find your place among thousands of creative people on websites like Zazzle, ArtFire, Zibbet, 3DCart.