Sitges, Spain - 26th February, 2019: Lexus UX (Toyota Group) SUV vehicles in hybrid version parked on public parking before the drives. The UX model is the smallest crossover in the Lexus offer. Focus on a second car.

The automotive industry’s most booming technology is that of electric cars. These cars are propelled and run by electricity only and use EV (electric vehicle) batteries for this purpose. They are becoming highly popular with each passing day, and their manufacturers are also increasing. The manufacturing of these cars also uses various sorts of adhesives for different components, just like electrical devices. The BLU component in phones and tablets, for example, uses the BLU adhesive.

These cars are becoming popular with each passing day and here are some of their advantages.

No Emissions

Electric cars are highly eco-friendly in a world facing the challenges caused by environmental devastation. Electric motors instead of engines run them. As a result, they do not emit any harmful toxic gases, contributing to a healthy environment.

Battery Life

Most electric vehicles use Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries. These batteries don’t use a single battery but thousands of Li-ion cells that store chemical energy and convert it into electrical energy. On average, it is believed that an EV battery lasts almost 10-20 years, and their costs are also becoming more effective. The EVB tape is specifically used to assemble these batteries and is highly pressure-sensitive, and uses acrylic foam core which allows compression and ensures a long battery life.

Low Cost and Maintenance

 Electric cars in many parts of the world are costly. However, as more people increasingly wish to own electric vehicles, the price will decrease as manufacturers are mass-producing batteries. These cars are also generally very low maintenance as there is no need for lubrication of engines. They are also highly convenient as you can charge these car batteries anywhere, there is no need to drive to the petrol station, you can charge the car wherever there is a charging point available.

Less Noise Pollution

With less air pollution, electric cars also help in reducing noise pollution. This is because they are very much quieter than engine cars, reducing noise pollutions in urban areas. This means that they are also perfect for our health as high noise pollution causes high blood pressure, heart disease, stress, and various psychological issues such as anxiety.

Improved Driving Experience

Electric vehicles make use of an electric motor that provides full torque instantly, unlike engine cars which need to use gears to pick up speed. Therefore, electric cars offer faster and instant acceleration, making the entire driving experience smoother and more satisfying.


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