If you want lucrative finances, investing in stock is a great option. Investors now don’t need brokers to invest in shares or other securities. It has become easier, simpler, and more convenient with the best trading app.

Let’s Start with Understanding What a Trading Account is?

Tech advancements have made it possible for investors to use their computers and mobile phones to make investments on the move. With the help of a trading app and Demat and trading account, anyone can invest in the stock market. Trading accounts facilitate the purchase and sale of shares through the trading app. Moreover, there’s always a unique identification number used to carry out such transactions. So, what you need is a trading app with a linked trading account. 

Now, if you want to open a trading account, you should know the benefits. Here are the 10 essential benefits of the best trading app and trading account. 


Various trading platforms have turned app-based, where investors have access via smartphones, laptops and other devices. The online trading app makes it flexible to keep track from anywhere around the globe and at any given time. 

One Point Access: Investors have access to different Indian exchanges, whether for securities or commodities. The major leading exchanges that you will find on any app are:

  •  Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
  •  National Stock Exchange (NSE)
  •  National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX)
  •  Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)

Therefore, having a trading account and access to the best trading app can get investors instant access to all these exchanges via a common platform and help them create wealth. 

Smooth and Continual Transactions: 

The biggest advantage of being on a trading app is that it entertains continuous transactions. In addition, online trading has made fund transfer and equity trading easy and fast. 

Get Reliable Information:

If you invest in the equity market, you need to make many correct decisions that are too quick. So, trading apps provide extensive research reports to all investors. These reports help investors to make sound decisions and increase the chance of earning more profits. 

24×7 Instant Access:

The trading app allows investors to analyse the stock’s performance in real-time and offers 24×7 instant access. It also provides the flexibility of easy login from across the globe. 

Constant Monitoring: 

Investors can now monitor and trade online with just a few clicks at their convenience. The trading app’s simple and easy-to-use interface lets investors navigate through different screens, look for stocks, get detailed company information, and execute trades. 

Low Cost and Fees: 

If an investor traditionally invests his money, they spend way more money than they would spend on online trading. Just like that, if an investor is investing through a reliable broker and trading large volumes, it is viable for him to negotiate broker’s fees in online trading.

Transparency and Clarity:

The investor’s online trading account shows every extra charge they have to pay. These charges may include brokerage, taxes and more. Therefore, investors get more clarity on the exact amount they are being charged for their trade. 

Helps in Determining Profit and Loss: 

The trading app provides insights to help investors determine a profit or loss of a company, which allows them to ascertain or measure the profitability position of the specific company for a particular duration. 

Customised Support:

Trained executives deliver customised support through the trading app to all their clients, irrespective of their issue, whether it is technical or just difficulty in handling the trading platform. Investors get SMS alerts or emails to get notifications related to trade execution. 

Choose the Right Trading App: Jiffy by Choice India!

Jiffy by Choice India lets you leverage the Indian Stock Market to reap the best opportunities in stocks, commodities, currency and derivatives. 

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