Will a DUI Affect College Scholarships: What Students Should Know

The signs for “Don’t drink & drive” can be found everywhere. From little kids to 90-year-olds, everyone knows that drinking under the influence of alcohol is not safe and allowed. Even then, millions of students are charged with DUI every year. 

Other than the obvious health hazard it causes, a DUI can ruin a student’s career in several ways because a DUI can leave a permanent mark on your record. Whether it is a job interview or college admission, your criminal record will catch up to you. 

If you are in a similar situation, consult an academic misconduct attorney right away. 

What is a DUI?

DUI stands for “Driving Under The Influence.” It falls under the criminal offense when a person, who has consumed drugs or alcohol, is driving a vehicle. The law reveals that no one under the influence of drugs (recreational or prescribed) and alcohol should be driving a vehicle. 

When you’re caught for DUI, you will be arrested, and the record of this arrest will stay in the government records all your life. 

How does a DUI affect college scholarships?

DUIs can do more harm than one might imagine. Most institutions and organizations have a strict policy that does not accept and aid students with a criminal record. Therefore, having a DUI can not only stop you from getting admission into the college of your dreams, but it can also not get you the scholarship that you badly need. 

If you have already gotten a scholarship and are studying in a college and get a DUI, you will be suspended from your institution. This suspension may result in your scholarship getting canceled, which will ultimately lead you to drop out of college. 

How can you protect yourself after getting charged with a DUI?

Sure it may seem like your college days are over, and you’re a disappointment for your parents. But, try to stay calm. Everyone commits mistakes. People in their student years make the most mistakes. 

If you are already charged with a DUI and want to clear your name, consult a reasonable attorney. Lento Law Firm has skilled professionals with years of experience who can guide you through the process. 

When you lose a scholarship because of your DUI, a lawyer can prepare a case against the scholarship provider and possibly get it back for you. In any case, do not lose hope. With the right lawyer, a DUI cannot possibly ruin your life. 


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