All About FFXIV Glamour

The real endgame…?

In any MMO, you can inevitably end up with mismatched weapons and armor. They might be the best in providing defense or offense, but they can be hard to look at when together. All players would like to look their best, especially when trying to impress others, or just expressing themselves. FINAL FANTASY XIV has a certain system that lets players avoid this, and that is called the FFXIV Glamour System. It uses a different currency than FFXIV Gil and has its own rules.

Here’s everything a beginner needs to know about this system.

What is FFXIV’s Glamour?

In FFXIV, Glamour is something that can change the appearance of the equipment you’re using. It can be compared to MHW’s Layered Armor or WoW’s Transmogrification. While the item keeps its fundamental characteristics (stat boosts and effects), its appearance changes. This way, you can keep looking cool as you fight your way through Eorzea.

It’s a purely cosmetic change, though it will still have restrictions. For example, a Glamour has to be at the same or lower level than the equipment it’s covering up. It can’t be used on a piece that has a lower level than its own. That means some Glamours are level-locked, and you have to reach that level first to be able to use it.

Another restriction is race. Some of the Glamours won’t appear due to restrictions on character race. Probably it’s because those Glamours wouldn’t make sense with the ears of Viera or the muzzles of Hrothgar. Be sure to check out those race restrictions before trying to apply the Glamour! You might end up wasting your Glamour Prisms for something that wouldn’t show up on your character.

The last restriction is your job, as only some classes can wear some Glamours. Be sure to check all these requirements before applying Glamours!

How to Unlock FFXIV Glamour

Players can unlock Glamour with the quest ‘If I Had a Glamour’ at level 15. Talk to Swyrgeim who should have a blue quest icon to start it. Do the objectives and have the whole system be explained to you. After the quest, you’ll have access to Glamours and be rewarded with 12 Glamour Prisms.

Glamour Prisms are the currency that is used when switching up your look. Fortunately for the fashion-conscious, it’s easy to get, especially for subscribed players. The easiest way to get them is through the Marketboard. You can also probably ask friends if you’re short and really in need of them.

Free-trial players don’t have that kind of luxury. They can’t trade nor use the board, so what can they do? By leveling a crafting class to 15, they can do the ‘Absolutely Glamourous’ quest from Swyrgeim. Completing this quest allows players to craft their own Glamour Prisms using Clear Prisms! Obtaining the latter isn’t a problem too, as you can just buy it from the nearby vendor.

It’s also possible to exchange some other currencies to get these Glamour Prisms. However, it’s easier to craft them and use those other currencies for the more important stuff.

Applying Glamours

Applying Glamours one by one isn’t cost-efficient, as each application would use up a prism. At any rate, to do so, right-click on the piece of equipment you want to transform, and then pick ‘Cast Glamour’. You’ll be given a choice of applicable items and Glamours to apply. The upper right of the cosmetic indicates whether the item is Glamoured, dyed, or whether it’s possible to dye.

The alternative is to use a Glamour Plate, which changes your whole look depending on what’s on the plate. This method is more cost-effective, as it transforms more than one piece of equipment while still using one Prism.

To create one, you need to go to an inn in any major city and find the Glamour Dresser. Stash any equipment you want to use as a Glamour. Make sure that they’re at 100% durability and that any Materia is extracted from them.

After that, choose ‘Edit Glamour Plate’ and slot in the equipment set you want to use. Click ‘Save’ to save changes, and then you have your plate to switch your fashions around. Be careful though! If any part of the plate cannot be applied to your current equipment, you’ll have wasted your Prism. The Glamour won’t take, even for the applicable parts. You can have up to 15 plates, which might increase when Endwalker is released.

If you’re tired of your current look, just find a Glamour Dispeller from various vendors and dispel your Glamours.

Where to Get Glamours

You can get them from various sources. Raids, the FFXIV store, events, and more all can give you these cosmetics as rewards. The catch is that some of the cooler ones only come later in the game, at higher levels. There’s not much of a choice at lower levels.

The Real Endgame?

Well, that’s a joke for the most part. Most of the max-level players seem to default to collecting as many Glamours as they can. Maybe they even try to one-up others with their fashion. Anyway, it’s one of the options for something to do at the endgame, so players ended up joking about it. If you’re satisfied with how your character looks, that’s all that’s needed.

Have fun messing around with the Glamour system in your FFXIV account. It’ll make traveling and adventuring through Eorzea with your FFXIV mount way cooler than when wearing the alternative.

Enjoy FFXIV!


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