6 Anxiety-Busting Tips for People Who Have Never Been on the Plane
6 Anxiety-Busting Tips for People Who Have Never Been on the Plane

People are often afraid of flying on an airplane. This is likely due to the fact that they are so high above the ground and that they are entirely out of control of their situation.
 Fortunately, it’s not impossible to overcome this feeling. We’ve put together a guide that has helpful tips for first time flyers with anxiety. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable.

1. Research the Turbulence Forecast

One of the most frightening scenarios for first time flyers is encountering turbulence. This often comes without warning, and those who have not traveled by air before may assume that something has gone seriously wrong with the plane.
 In reality, this is a common occurrence that is almost always entirely benign. To help prevent being taken by surprise, it’s in your best interest to research the turbulence forecast.
 If you know ahead of time that your flight is going to be bumpy, you will be able to mentally prepare for it. This can go a long way when it comes to calming your nerves.

2. Avoid Caffeine

Airports and coffee often go hand-in-hand. After all, many people catch flights before the sun rises.
 One of the most essential airport procedures for first time flyers is avoiding the consumption of caffeine before you get on the plane. Otherwise, you will be much more attentive to your surroundings, and you may notice certain details that you wouldn’t normally. For example, you may be hyperaware of certain sounds that the plane is making during takeoff or during flight.
 Under the right circumstances, this can easily instill a large amount of anxiety. So, be sure that you consider this first time flyer information before boarding the flight.

3. Do What You Can to Distract Yourself

For those who are afraid of flying, distracting yourself is the best way to help you manage your fear.
 Although it may seem difficult at first, taking your mind off of the situation will allow time to pass much more quickly. This is true even for longer flights. In general, reading a book or watching a movie are the primary ways in which you can focus on something other than your flight.
 However, taking a nap is also a viable option if you can manage to fall asleep. Unfortunately, it can be highly difficult to do so on planes.
 The cabin may be loud, and you may simply be too anxious to rest. If you can manage to take a nap, though, this is one of the best ways to handle your flight.
 When looking for ways to distract yourself, it’s best to do something that is mentally engaging or entertaining. Playing a game, for instance, is a remarkable way to do so.

4. Meditate

Meditation is entirely focused on clearing your mind and relaxing. This makes it one of the best solutions for airplane anxiety.
 Interestingly, many people are unaware of how to enter a meditative state despite the process being fairly straightforward. To get started, you’ll need to close your eyes and do your best to focus on your breathing.
 You should actively attempt to take long, deep breaths. This will help lower your resting heart rate and make it easier for you to meditate overall. The position that you place yourself in should also be relatively comfortable.
 If you find your mind beginning to wander, do your best to remain aware of it and retain focus on your breathing. This will help you block out negative thoughts and drastically reduce anxiety that you have. Sometimes, a single meditation session won’t be enough.
 If you still find yourself anxious, you can take a short break and make another attempt. Doing this throughout your flight will easily reduce your stress.

5. Understand Airplane Safety Information

Airplanes are some of the safest ways you can travel.
 In fact, you’re actually at a much higher risk of experiencing a car accident than a plane crash. To clarify, there are approximately 6 million car accidents per year.
 In contrast, there are virtually no commercial plane crashes. Ironically, you are technically more likely to experience a crash on the way to the airport as opposed to during your flight. Airplanes are routinely inspected by professionals who are highly trained in recognizing any issues that may be present.
 Put simply, teams of people work on planes in between each flight to ensure that they are in the best possible condition. In the event that problems are discovered, they will not allow the plane to fly.

6. Use This Time to Be Productive

Since you will be looking for ways to distract yourself anyway, flights are a great time to be productive.
 This could involve handling work obligations, exploring a hobby, or even planning the rest of your trip. At the very least, you should aim to do something with your hands that keeps your mind occupied. Writing is a great way to do so, and you could simply spend some time writing down your thoughts as they come.
 As long as you are willing to handle your anxiety, you shouldn’t have an issue doing so.

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These Tips For First Time Flyers With Anxiety Are Essential

So, be sure that you keep them in mind. The above tips for first time flyers with anxiety will help ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Looking for more tips that can help you out later on? Check out the rest of our blog for plenty of more useful information.


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