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Are you looking for ways to make that beard look sculpted and full? Are you growing your beard out for the first time and looking for products to support it? If so, then you need to learn all you can about whether to buy a beard brush vs comb.

A beard comb and a beard brush can be valuable items for your beard’s health and aesthetic. Both of them offer benefits to their users, but which one is right for you?

See below for an in-depth guide on how you can choose between a beard comb and beard brush for your beard-growing experience.

Beard Brush Perk: Control the Beard Growth

Have you ever seen those guys with scraggly beards? The ones that look as if they’ve put zero care or effort into their beard as it grew out. Believe us, people can tell when you’ve put effort into your beard.

A huge part of proper beard care is control. You need to have the power to control the shape of the beard that you grow. To do that, you need to tame the beard along the way.

As it grows out, a beard brush can help you control which way you want your whiskers to grow, which will ensure that you get the results that you want. Otherwise, you might look more “homelessly” and far less “hipster.”

Beard Comp Perk: Disentangling Powers

Ask any man with a full-lengthy beard what their number one problem is and almost all of them will tell you the same thing: the tangles.

Just like long hair that you grow on your head, a long beard will get many different tangles and knots throughout the day and night. It’s as if they pop up out of nowhere!

Without the proper tools, you have no way of controlling it. Thankfully, a beard comb allows you to get through those tough knots and keep every strand of hair as straight as an arrow.

Be sure to look at some of these Mad Viking beard combs. Mad Viking creates high-quality products that ensure great results. They also last a very long time, so there’s a high return on your investment!

Beard Brush Perk: Easier to Apply Beard Oil

Let’s preface this by saying one thing: you can use a beard comb to apply the beard oil as well. A brush just helps the oil to spread out more evenly. 

For all you beard beginners, beard oil is used to moisturize both your hair follicles (thus strengthening them) and keeping the skin under your beard as moisturized as possible. The result is a full, luscious batch of beard that will make people do double-takes.

The beard brush helps distribute the beard oil throughout the entirety of the beard. That way, your beard whiskers can get all the moisturizer and nutrients they need to keep their form.

Beard Comp Perk: Precision and Style

One thing that you cannot use a beard brush for is styling. Think of a beard brush as the tool that helps your beard grow and strengthen. Think of the comb as what keeps that beard looking fresh and stylish!

The beard comb is usually made of wood (or another strong material) to give it more strength to push your beard hair in the way you want it to go, while still helping it keep its structure.

For those of you, that thought the guys with beautifully styled beards got lucky with their genetics, think again! Behind every fantastic beard is a beard comb that’s keeping those whiskers in the way the owner wants them to go. 

Beard Brush Perk: End of the Day Cleaning

Did you know that you’re supposed to brush your hair every night before you fall asleep? It’s a lifehack that hair gurus use to prevent tangles and promote beautiful hair growth.

Well, as it turns out, you’re supposed to do the same with your beard! Not only does it promote hair growth, brushing your beard will help you get out harmful items like dirt and dust, which will hurt your beard’s aesthetic.

Every night before bed, take 5 minutes or so to brush your beard. Run the brush through some water and gently brush in a downward motion. For the sake of efficiency, run through your entire beard twice to ensure optimal cleaning. 

The longer and fuller your beard gets, the more junk that will get stuck in it. A beard brush is a perfect solution for that.

Beard Comb Perk: One-Two Punch for Upkeep

Again, for those of you that thought beautiful beards just happened on their own, you’re dead wrong. It takes time and effort to maximize a healthy and structured beard.

Part of that is trimming the beard every so often. If you can learn to do this part yourself, you will save a good amount of money over visiting the barber every few weeks. 

The beard comb can help control your hair, which will lead to a crisper cut. Using a wooden beard comb, you can also blow-dry your beard to keep it looking fuller and to get that desired “poofy” effect.

Beard Brush vs Comb: Invest in Them Both

Now that you have seen the advantages of a beard brush vs comb, it’s blatantly obvious: you need both!

Make sure to implement them both into your daily beard care routine. Don’t settle for a mediocre-looking beard. Invest in the proper tools and get the mane you’ve always wanted! Be sure to browse our website for more articles on topics just like this one!


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