Cybert security is referred to as the protection of computers systems from the test or damage to their software, hardware , and electronic data. As seen the number of cyber attacks in the world are growing rapidly and this is why the need of cyber security has increased very much. Many certified cyber security professionals who are in much demand By the organizations as these professionals are responsible for protecting the important data, files and information In the networking devices from any unauthorized access.

Types of Cyber Crimes:

 There are many types of cyber crimes which are prevailing all over the world. AutoZone the most popular form of cyber crimes are Phishing –  It refers to a practice of a hacker to obtain the personal information of the computer user. Identity theft – identity theft refers when Someone has gained access to your credit card or banking account information which they may use to make purchase in your name. Online harassment – Online Harrison is when your social lifestyle is affected and if you choose to use a popular social network such as Twitter. Invention of privacy – It is when someone is attempting to get the personal information of a person.

 The benefits of CompTIA Security+ Certification for Security Professional are:

1. It is a Vandor neutral certification –

The CompTIA Security+ certification is a vendor neutral which means that a candidate Does not have to center on technology and security of a precise vendor. It is a big advantage as you do not have to incorporate the common components of cyber security. The knowledge and skills which the candidates acquire during this certification Makes the security professional and network administrator become very much in demand in the information technology marketplace.

2. The prequestites and the experience required –

As the CompTIA Security+ Is an entry level certification, Much experience is not expected from the candidates. And this is the major benefit and reason why many people enter the Security industry to obtain the CompTIA Security+ Certification to improve and enhance their career. Like the other cyber security certification, “COMPATIA SECURITY PLUS CERTIFICATION” Does not have any pre-requisite. The only suggestion which is given to the professionals appearing for the exam is that they should have at least two years of working experience in security and networking fields  Which will enable them to pass the exam in a better manner. “COMPATIA SECURITY PLUS TRAINING” Is an excellent way to prepare for your exam.

3. It is a Globally Accepted certification –

This certification is globally accepted and a much valued one. It is also one of the fundamental security certifications in the field of cyber security. This “COMPTIA SECURITY PLUS CERTIFICATION” Is presented by CompTIA ( computing technology industry association). Also, This certification is approved by  ANSI. The image creating the certificate is to demonstrate the understanding of an individual to know the skills, knowledge and features which are required in cyber security.

4. It has a higher career opportunity for the individuals –

the cyber security professionals are desired by both public and private areas. This certificate provides individual to have an advantage to handle security and network administration responsibilities. The candidates who are holding this certification can take up a variety of jobs with various services like cryptography, compliance and operational security, Today and vulnerabilities, Access control and identity management, Data and host security etc.

5. It has a higher pay scale –

The individuals who are holding the security plus certification have greater opportunities of receiving high salaries as compared to their non-certified peers. As you asked this certification to your resume, The average salary which you can expect is between $42,130 – $190-830 as a network engineer. There are things such as your level of experience and accreditation are the factors which can determine how much you earn.

6. You can take up government work –

If any candidate wants to get a cyber security job in any government agency then obtaining the “COMPTIA SECURITY PLUS CERTIFICATION” Is a very good starting point for you. This certification enables you to get a job in and government agency.

7. You get the opportunity to work anywhere in the world –

Another major benefit of getting this certification is that it is all over the globe and you can work anywhere in the world by having this certification. The benefits of CompTIA Security+ Certification for The individuals are many. Each benefit contribute to the growth and success In the career of the individual.

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