Colloidal silver is a naturally occurring mineral. Silver has no known purpose in the body and is not a needed mineral supplement, despite what its proponents claim. Over-the-counter medicinal medicines containing colloidal silver were once available. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States concluded in 1999 that colloidal silver products were neither safe nor effective. Without FDA approval as a new medicine, colloidal silver items advertised for medicinal purposes or promoted for untested uses are now considered “misbranded” under the law.

There are numerous advertising on the Internet seeking parts for a colloidal silver generator that may be used at home. People who make colloidal silver at home are unlikely to be able to test the purity or strength of their output. There are several alternatives to colloidal silver that are far safer and more effective.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Ringworm, warts, boils, and herpes sores are all treated with this treatment

All of these embarrassing skin diseases could be addressed with a few drops of the solution applied to the diseased region. Use this medicine twice a day if you have any of these infections.


Colloidal Silver has been suggested as a treatment for HIV and AIDS. Though the medical establishment has yet to acknowledge these claims, it cannot be denied that religious use of this liquid has increased the survival rate of some patients.

Reduces the chance of cancer

When the internal regulators of cells stop working, cancerous tumours arise, resulting in accelerated cell proliferation. By recalibrating cell division rates, colloidal silver stalks cancer cells.

It helps with digestion.

Colloidal Silver also acts as a digestive aid, preventing food fermentation in the stomach and intestines. When food sits for an extended period of time, it ferments, causing gas, bloating, indigestion, and reflux. Silver consumption improves suffocation and alleviates these unpleasant symptoms.

Eczema can be treated by putting a few drops of the medical liquid to the affected area, since it has the power to kill single cell organisms. The same is true in the case of psoriasis.

Treats cholera and traveler’s diarrhoea.

It also provides one of the most cost-effective and quick cholera and diarrhoea treatments. Orally ingesting silver will allow it to reach the large intestine and treat the disease.

How to Use

Even if the liquid has magical powers, none of them will help you if you don’t know how to use them for different purposes. The way you use it depends entirely on the disease you’re trying to address. Or if you want to know how to make it , check the How to make Colloidal Silver at Home.

  • Two to five drops of the solution can be applied straight to the skin to treat skin issues.
  • A bandage covered with one to two drops of Colloidal silver and placed around the afflicted area can be used to treat wounds.
  • Pouring a drop or two into the eye should suffice for pink eye.
  • Take a full eyedropper of the liquid orally every two days to strengthen your immunity.
  • Five drops in a neti pot can be used as a medication for respiratory disorders or sinusitis. You might also use a colloidal silver spray instead.
  • It can be used topically to maintain vaginal health. It effectively treats yeast infections and severe jock itch.
  • Pregnant women can eat a small amount of these to help with foetal development and birth.


Colloidal silver has yet to make inroads into mainstream medicine, despite its benefits. These are the negative consequences that have caused it to be overlooked.

A condition known as argyria is the most common side effect of the solution. Consumption has been discovered to permanently colour the skin grey or bluish.

If one consumes too much silver metal, a buildup of the metal can be visible in the internal organs, which is unnecessary.


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