It is always a challenge to see each and every thing in a city that has to offer in a single day. While you decide to visit Dubai within 24 hours, it’s harder to decide. The emirate packs the tallest buildings, largest malls, dancing fountains, as well as beauty of old Arabia. In Dubai, there are numerous activities waiting for you, most importantly, there is no need of advance booking. Here are we are going to discuss some of the best places to visit in order to make the 24 hours as precious hours of your life.

Early Morning Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you have just one day in Dubai, you must take a hot air balloon ride. Nothing can be the charming way to introduce the city than hot air balloon ride. You’ll enjoy looking over the Dubai skyline, fresh water, as well as sprawling dessert dunes. In the early morning, warm sunshine and silence of the desert will fascinate you and you have the best opportunity to soak it in. Generally, the hot air balloon ride is started in the morning. When you are back on the land, you can enjoy your breakfast while look at the photos that you have captured in the sky.

Al Fahidi- A Historical Neighborhood

Al fahidi is a historical district as well as also known as Bastakiya. It’s located in Bur Dubai. The place offers the beautiful glimpse of pre-oil era. Al fahidi is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Dubai, dates back to the 1900s. You have taken a walk at this place to know the heritage of Dubai. The bustling courtyards allows you feel the unique perspective of Dubai. It has several art galleries and museums that you can look. If you are just for 24 hours in Dubai, you must spend some time here. It’s the best place to go back in time when Dubai was not as Advances that we look today.

Quranic Park

Quranic park is spread over 64 hectares. The park has been developed in order to give a better cultural as well as educational understanding of the Islam. Along with the Split Lake, it is an educational park that features 12 gardens and a Glass House. Each of the park is significantly specially designed to tell different stories from the holy book of Islam.

At the entrance of the Quranic park, the name of the park is spelled out in gold lettering along with Arabic swirls. Moreover, vines, motifs, golden leaves, and tendrils complete the designs on the low walls. Although the entrance is free, a ticket of Dhs5 is needed for entering the Glass House as well as The Cave of Miracles.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Walking Marina is fun, but if you want a unique angle of Dubai´s Marina, go on a Marina Cruise tour.  Never miss a great chance to head on to a relaxing evening with yacht rental Dubai. Have a fun and entertainment on the Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina or the Creek. There is a great need to know that, dhow cruise is popular for its Tanura dancers as well as their colorful costumes.

If you love food as well as boat cruises, just book dinner on a boat and enjoy your meal. Dhow Cruise includes a three-course dinner buffet. Cruising on the dhow is one of the magical experiences drifting along the creek. Enjoy your meal while watching beautiful reflections out on the water of the skyline of Dubai.

You must bring your camera as there are numerous of photo opportunities to make memories. Just book now for his mesmerizing and relaxing experience. There can nothing be as best activity to do in this busy city life. 

Dubai Water Canal

One of the best attractions in Dubai is the mesmerizing Dubai Water Canal. Dubai water canal is located in Business Bay. It is of the best spots that are accessible through a cab ride or the metro. You will have a leisurely walk. Feel yourself special around this architectural wonder that and soak in the surroundings. If there is need of a lunch, just head out to BASTA.

Sun set at Burj Khalifa

It’s a journey from old Dubai to the new Dubai. Just head towards the top of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. Nothing is the perfect place to see spectacular views of everything rather than Burj Khalifa. It is fascinating to know that this tallest tower personifies Dubai. by standing 828 meters tall, this iconic towers on the 124th floor has floor-to-ceiling glass windows. These windows offer the best views of landmarks like The World Islands, several skyscrapers, as well as Burj Al Arab. However, the entire experience is going to leave you mesmerized.

dubddddjDubai Mall

While you are in Downtown Dubai, what about shopping in one of the most beautiful and largest malls in Dubai as well as in the world? it is fascinating to know that, Dubai mall is one of the best places to look if you are in Dubai even for few days or few hours. The mall is hub of local and international brands with amazing dining places. Dubai mall is the best tourist attraction to visit as well as it comprises more than 1200 stores.

Boardwalk at the Palm Jumeirah

A person doesn’t may not think of this while planning out activities to do in Dubai. But you must keep in consideration that, there is nothing better way to call it a day rather than a late-night walk along with mesmerizing views of the Dubai skyline. Enjoy a Boardwalk at The Palm Jumeirah stretches on the man-made island’s crescent. 

A boardwalk on the waterfront stretch allows you get a glimpse of this attractive city from afar. You’ll appreciate both the old and the new Dubai. There is a great need to know that, the Boardwalk at the Palm Jumeirah is lined with numerous food trucks.

Dubai Fountain

If you are on a Dubai visit for few hours, never miss a chance to enjoy a meal at one of the top restaurants overlooking Dubai fountain. In Burj Khalifa lake, it’s one of the most fascinating dancing fountains. It’s also world’s largest choreographed fountain system that is synchronized with the multiple rhythms.

Dubai fountain shoots the water over the height of 500 ft that’s a sense of treat. You can enjoy delicious meal from several restaurants with the great views of fountain. Along with this, you have also an option to get an outdoor spot at restaurants as well as cafés on the first and second level of Dubai Mall.


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