Best Workout Shirts for women 2021

With the lockdown coming to an end, you can finally head to the gym, but before doing so you need to stock up on workout shirts for women to battle the cold whilst having an effective gyming session. Working out without proper gym wear is akin to applying cheap make-up; it might be a temporary solution but won’t help you get through the day hassle-free. This is why gym t-shirts for women are so important, they not only provide your body with the necessary support but also aid you in switching from one environment to another without having to repeatedly change your outfit. This is because activewear is nowadays designed to have sweat-wicking and deodorizing properties that allow you to move from the gym to the coffee shop without any worries or setbacks. Hence, the gym wear companies of today manufacture their workout shirts for women using such fabric that is suited to last you throughout the day both as training apparel and as loungewear simultaneously.

That being said, the major issue is the struggle to find a proper brand of activewear that suits your body type and daily routine. To help you with this, we have accumulated in this list, the best companies of 2021 which are producing high-quality gym t-shirts for women. 


SQUATWOLF is the gym wear brand that would never let you down, regardless of whether you are at the gym or a party. The activewear of SQUATWOLF boasts durability, flexibility, sustenance, and comfort, that provides you with the confidence to charge through your day stress-free. They produce workout t-shirts for women using high-tech fabric that is designed with the latest sports innovation techniques, enabling you to get the most out of your training sessions. Their gym wear for women is made using a special fabric called ‘Nylex’ which is proven to be the ultimate athletic fabric for women, offering extreme stretchability, softness, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial features. Moreover, each article in their line of gym t-shirts for women is made to be aesthetic and visually appealing, making you look your best during any sort of activity. To top it off, SQUATWOLF also produces ‘Aeropads’ which can be worn under your tops, aimed at increasing breathability and airflow, whilst preventing moisture in the areas around the chest. 

There is no doubt that this brand aims to please by offering gym wear that allows you to have the ultimate workout experience and come out of the gym feeling as refreshed and energized as ever, fully ready to battle the day ahead. This is also the reason why it has secured first place on this list.  


An eco-conscious brand aiming to empower women worldwide using activewear that is manufactured through sustainable means, Sweaty Betty is fully aware of its duty towards its consumers as well as the planet. Their range of workout shirts for women is as extensive as is eco-friendly, with tops and vests engineered to help you enhance your workouts and running sessions, irrespective of the weather. The diversity of their apparel is what gets them second place on this list. Their gym t-shirts for women are engineered to be useful to you while performing any sort of activity ranging from intense athletics to mindful yoga sessions; Sweaty Betty will support you through it all. Having graceful designs and cool colour schemes, their tops for women offer the best blend of stunning looks and high functionality. 


Looking for a brand that has its gym wear categorized according to the type of activity it is best suited for? Then look no further! Gymshark aims to provide you with the best choice of activewear according to the exercises you wish to perform. Their workout shirts for women are divided into classes of training, running, lifting, relaxing, and many more. Each of which is designed to provide exceptional utilization. From oversized t-shirts to help you in low-impact workouts, to seamless crop tops aimed to aid you in beating your best lifting scores, Gymshark will never fail to provide you with a productive and efficient training session. 


Looking for a top to help you sweat it out and leave you glowing? Then Lilybod might just be the brand for you. Gorgeous designs, optimal fabrics, and luxurious feels are the forte of Lilybod. They manufacture women’s gym t-shirts and tops focused on providing you with an optimal workout experience with zero sweat patches and irritation. Using the apparel of Lilybod, getting in and out of the gym has never been easier.


A mixture of perfection and durability to help you throughout your most arduous of workouts, the gym wear of Under Armour enables you to perform your maximum both inside and outside the gym. Their range of workout shirts for women stands out due to their use of advanced technology engineered to make fabrics that increase blood flow and provide proper support so that you can lift weights and jog for miles, and still have enough stamina to get through the day. 


With this list, we hope your wardrobe for gym wear will never be an excuse for you to miss even a day of exercise. 


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