Can You Stop Employees from Smoking?

Smoking is a significant issue worldwide, and it is pretty popular among people of almost all ages. From teenagers to middle-aged people, a lot of people love to smoke. But it is harmful to the environment, the smoker’s health, and the people who inhale the smoke indirectly.

Smoking is a menace to society, and it must be eradicated. But it is not so easy to eliminate it. The main reason is its addictive nature. People get addicted to the nicotine content present in tobacco. The significant concern worldwide is how to make people quit smoking as it has many disadvantages.

Since many people spend most of their day in their offices or workplaces, workplaces have set some methods to stop their employees from smoking. Quitting smoking is a long process, but if someone helps people get through this process, it might help them get through this process successfully.

Methods Used in Workplaces:

Since smoking has so many drawbacks, quitting it is worth it. But due to its addictive nature, people usually can’t get out of this habit even if they want to. Some ways are used in workplaces worldwide to help their employees abandon this terrible habit. These methods are not always effective, but they help minimize it to some extent.

Some of the methods used by employers are implementing

  • No Smoking Policy
  • Giving rewards to quitters
  • Penalties and Incentives
  • Educate Employees
  • Providing Alternatives of Cigarettes

No Smoking Policy:

Employers mainly implement this Tobacco-Free Policy in the workplace. It is practical to some extent as the employees cannot smoke while around their co-workers. This policy instils patience in smokers.

Even if employers implement this policy, some employees go outside the offices to smoke when they can’t resist the urge to smoke. But they cannot always go outside to smoke when they feel like it, so it is practical to some extent.

Giving Rewards to Quitters:

Some workplaces offer rewards to their employees who quit smoking. Small rewards are given to employees who try and stay away from smoking for a while. More significant rewards are set for long-term goals, encouraging employees to quit.

A positive attitude of employers and co-workers greatly helps smokers to quit. The support and awards give them the motivation to break through this hard to break habit.

Penalties and Incentives:

Some employers implement the policy of giving penalties on smoking and incentives for quitters. Financial incentives and penalties are always an excellent method to control the employees. Since these incentives encourage them to quit but this might not work for everyone.

Providing Alternatives of Cigarettes:

Nicotine addiction is not something a person can get out of easily. To effectively get out of this addiction, nicotine quantity intake is decreased over time. Since smoking is hazardous to smokers’ mental and physical health, alternatives for nicotine intake are suggested.

Nicotine replacement products such as:

  • Quit-smoking Medicines
  • Nicotine in inhalers or nasal sprays
  • Nicotine Patches
  • Nicotine Gums or Lozenges
  • E-cigs or Rechargeable or Disposable Vapes like Elf bar and Geek bar.

Nicotine replacement therapies are quite effective in quitting conventional cigarettes. Since nicotine is absorbed in the body through another medium instead of cigarettes, it prevents many other health hazards. The risks of lung cancer, oral diseases, heart diseases or blood pressure problems are significantly reduced.


Vape devices are used as an alternative to cigarettes since it feels like a similar experience to smoking. Vape devices produce clouds like cigarette smoke. The vapours produced by heating the e-liquid present in vape kits are inhaled, absorbing nicotine in the body.

The battery heats the vape coil in vape devices, turning the vape juice into vapours. In this way, many harmful compounds of tobacco are prevented from going into the user’s body. There are disposable and reusable or rechargeable vape devices that are easy to use.

Best quality vapes satisfy the nicotine craving of the users without the need to smoke. Puff bar like Elux legend 3500 puffs are highly discreet since they are small in size and available in a pen-like shape.

There are many flavours available in e-liquids. Rechargeable and reusable vape kits have removable tanks, making them pocket-friendly. These vape kits are also available in online vape shops.

Vapes are proven to be an effective way to quit smoking and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Nicotine-free vapes are also available. Users who like the experience of vaping can use these nicotine-free vapes even after they break through the nicotine addiction.

Employers can definitely stop their employees from smoking by providing them with alternatives. However, the most effective way is providing nicotine alternatives and educating them that try a safer method always.

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