Common Causes for Back Pain, and Therapeutic Solutions

A Very Familiar Issue

Everybody has a little back pain at some point. Some people have chronic back pain that can be exceptionally debilitating. Something like 65,000,000 Americans deal with some level of back pain notable enough to invite statistical representation. That’s a lot! Here’s the thing: reasons for back pain aren’t “cut-and-dry”, as the saying goes.

Some people have to deal with chronic issues owing to the kind of work they do. If you’re lifting heavy things all day, and you get in the habit of doing such lifting in a way that isn’t quite conducive to back health, you could really hurt yourself. If you’re walking down an icy hill, slip, and spasm around to catch yourself before falling, this can also cause back pain.

Sometimes back pain has to do with a lack of musculature around the abdomen. Sometimes you’re dealing with an issue that’s genetic. Certain back issues might have to do with the way in which you walk. If you’ve got an uneven gait, that can contribute to chronic back pain. Even the way you sleep could be an issue.

If you’ve got your limbs thrown all over the place, or you sleep with your head turned at an odd angle, that could well result in back pain. Also, there’s a common injury to consider. Maybe you slip and fall in a way that damages your back. Maybe you fall out of a chair. Maybe you “slip a disk”, as the saying goes. Whatever the case, the following are some therapeutic options.

1. Chiropractic Massage

A chiropractor specializes in back issues. Such practitioners can give you a massage that will help musculature be properly aligned. They can also identify other areas of pain in the body which may well have root back pain. Altogether, a good chiropractor can make you feel like a new person, and with some relatively minor “adjustments”.

The term “adjustment” is commonly used in chiropractic circles to describe the action of helping someone with back issues feel better. Sometimes all you need is a little help in this way, and you’ll feel good as new. In other situations, this kind of therapy won’t quite cut it.

2. Visiting a Back Doctor

In some situations, you’re dealing with chronic enough back issues that your only hope of feeling anything close to normal again is visiting a professional who can help you explore relevant surgical solutions.

This back doctor at San Ramon, CA is a great example of that sort of medical professional. At minimum, if the chiropractor can’t help, consult with such professionals to see if there are any options available you have yet to explore.

3. Exercise and Stretching

Most back issues have to do with something you’ve done to yourself, and which can be corrected through either stretching or exercise. Do you sit at a desk all day? Standing instead can help your back, provided you do so with proper posture.

Also, jogging, elliptical machines, stair-stepper, ice-skating, and walking generally can help your back. Just be sure you stretch before and after any aerobic exercise.

Overcoming Common Back Pain Issues

Exercise, stretching, visiting a back doctor, and chiropractic massage represent some key ways of overcoming common back pain issues. Causes that are likely to impact you include how you sleep, the way you lift things, genetic issues, and injuries.

There are some back issues that just can’t be helped, but for most of them, there’s some sort of therapeutic option out there that will at least ease the pain.

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