Common Firearm Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Purchasing a firearm can be an exciting time. It’s something new, and you’re most likely learning a lot about firearms lately. Having a firearm can bring you peace of mind in several forms.

For starters, it’s always ideal to have a firearm in your home for protection reasons. If anything were to happen, then you know you can quickly access your firearm and protect yourself and your family if needed. Heading to the shooting range and practicing with your firearm is also a great way to relieve stress and boost mental health.

There are some firearm buying mistakes you’ll want to avoid, however. Before you start the shopping process, take the time to understand as much about firearms as possible. If you come prepared, then you’ll leave with a great deal and the ideal firearm for your needs.

Not sure where to begin?

Continue reading below for a list of several mistakes to avoid when purchasing a firearm!

Not Taking a Firearm Safety Course First

If this is your first time buying a firearm, and you’re not familiar with firearms, then don’t make a purchase before taking a firearm safety course first. A firearm safety course will teach you about the dangers associated with firearms. In this class, you’ll learn some basic rules about firearm safety.

For example, when shooting a target, you’ll want to first ensure there’s no one behind your target. You also want to ALWAYS assume every firearm is loaded. For this reason, you never want to point the firearm at anyone or anything you don’t want to shoot.

The class will also teach you how to properly handle a firearm and what the different parts of the firearm are. Remember, this is just a quick guide into what a safety firearm course looks like. Taking the course is essential because you’ll learn a lot more during the actual course, which can ultimately make you feel more confident when using your new firearm.

Not Educating Yourself on the Basics

Even after taking a firearm safety course, you still want to educate yourself on the basics. A safety course will teach you safety rules regarding firearms, but you won’t learn too much about the basics of the firearm itself. You might need to sign up for additional firearm training courses.

During these courses, you’ll be taken to a shooting range with an instructor who can then teach you how to correctly use and fire it. If you have a close friend or family member who’s familiar with firearms, then have them bring you to the shooting range on a regular basis for practice before you decide to purchase a firearm.

The more you visit a shooting range, the more comfortable you’ll feel handling a firearm.

It’s essential you know all of the parts that make up a firearm, how to fire a firearm, how to safely store a firearm, and how to safely clean a firearm before owning one yourself.

Failing to Understand the Legalities

Next, you want to understand the legalities of owning a firearm in the state you live in. There’s paperwork that comes along with purchasing a firearm, and you don’t want to come across a legal issue during the paperwork process. Know local firearm laws before you ever consider buying one.

Some states are more restrictive than others. If the purchase doesn’t follow the law, or if you don’t have the right license to own that specific firearm, then you may walk out empty-handed. Know the laws and have everything put in place before you attempt to make a purchase.

Taking the time to sit down and do your research about the state laws and other regulations, you can actually save yourself frustration in the long run. Remember, your firearm will need to be registered with an updated license at all times.

Not Knowing What You Need

It’s a good rule of thumb not to start shopping for a gun before you know what you need. There are many types of firearms to choose from. What’s most important is that you find what you need.

What’s your gun’s purpose?

Do you want a firearm to keep in the house for protection purposes? Do you want something to take out for target shooting? Are you looking for a good hunting firearm?

These are important questions to ask yourself before you purchase any type of gun. Different firearms have different purposes, so know what you need and do your research before deciding.

Selecting the Cheapest Option Available

Firearms aren’t cheap. You’re going to spend a decent amount of money once it comes time to make a purchase. You might not need the most expensive option available, but don’t select the cheapest firearm for the simple fact that it’s the cheapest.

You can still find a good firearm that’s not top of the line. To learn what firearm is a good choice at a fair price, you’ll need to conduct some research. For starters, it’s ideal to know exactly what you’re looking for. Have a specific firearm in mind and then research that specific one.

What firearm brands rank the highest? What brands will give you the highest quality? What brands aren’t top of the line but still present a reputable firearm?

After doing some research, you should have a good idea about what that specific type of firearm will cost you. Use this information to go into the shopping process with knowledge so you don’t overspend, but you’re not choosing a cheap option either.

Choosing Looks Over Effectiveness

There’s no denying that many guns look awesome. Firearms come in several colors and designs. Some even have engravings on them.

As beautiful as some of these firearms can be, it’s still important to choose their effectiveness over their looks. Sure, that camo-wrapped pistol looks great, but will it provide you with the type of gun power you need for hunting? Not every neat-looking gun is an effective gun.

What’s the gun’s accuracy like? Will it stop an intruder in your home? Is the kickback something you can easily handle?

Always look for effectiveness first, then look at the aesthetics.

Failing to Do Research Before Shopping

Never shop for a gun if you haven’t done enough research on it yet. Comparing gun prices will give you a good idea about what the gun’s price point is. This will prevent you from spending too much money on a gun and gun parts.

If you have something in mind, then it’s also beneficial to visit a local shooting range that rents firearms out. Ask them if they have the firearm you’re interested in available to rent. Then, practice shooting this gun in the range.

Do you like the way it shoots? It’s never a bad idea to test out a few different firearms as well. You never know when you might find the perfect firearm for you.

The gun you once thought you wanted might not suit you best after shooting it in the range. This is why it’s always beneficial to practice shooting the gun before you buy it.

Forgetting the Importance of Maintenance

Your gun is going to require proper maintenance if you want it to remain functional for a long period of time. The more you use the gun, the more you’ll need to clean it. After firing a gun, the gun powder is left inside the internal components.

This will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. If you’re unsure how to properly clean the firearm, then you can contact a local gunsmith to help you. You will most likely find help at your local shooting range.

They’ll know how to properly care for and clean the gun. Make sure to pay close attention and have someone help you during your first several cleaning to ensure it’s done correctly.

Not Budgeting For Firearm Essentials

One of the last mistakes people make when purchasing a firearm is not preparing for or budgeting for all the firearm essentials. There are some common firearm accessories you’ll need no matter what type of gun you purchase. For example, you can view this AR stock to find just how many accessories are available for an AR-15.

If you plan to keep your gun in a home with children, then having a gun safe is essential. You’ll also need a carrying case, a few magazines, ammo, a cleaning kit, and eye and ear protection for on the range.

Don’t Make These Firearm Buying Mistakes

If you’re preparing to purchase a gun in the near future, then don’t make these firearm buying mistakes. Know what you need, do your research, become familiar with gun safety and laws, and shop with knowledge. When you follow these helpful tips, you’ll make a great firearm purchase.

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