5 Common Furniture Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Around 22% of America’s eCommerce sales come from buying furniture, which shows how passionate we are about finding dream decor for our home.

But many of us rush into buying an expensive piece of furniture without giving it a second thought. Luckily, it’s possible to forgo stress by knowing the top furniture shopping mistakes. Perhaps you’re thinking about buying new furniture, but you’re worried about getting it wrong. 

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five common furniture shopping mistakes.

1. Rushing the Process 

Regardless of the different types of furniture in the store, you mustn’t rush the buying process.

Spontaneous purchases can turn into expensive mistakes, so give yourself a week of ruminating over the new piece to decide whether it’s worth it. Aside from its aesthetic, look at the specifications and dimensions. For instance, if you’re buying a wood dining table, then check that it’s real and not synthetic.

Further, homeowners should consider leasing pieces before making the splurge. Interested? Then, click the link to learn more

2. Not Considering Your Lifestyle 

Another mistake you can make buying old and new furniture is not factoring in your lifestyle. Think about how you’ll use each piece and whether it can fit well with your home’s current decor. If you ignore this, then you could choose furniture that’s too small or doesn’t serve a specific purpose, making it a waste of money. 

3. Forgetting to Measure the Room 

Before finding a new piece from a home furniture provider, measure the room and doorway so it fits. Draw a rough sketch of the room so you can figure out where each piece will go. This is key to ensuring your home doesn’t look cluttered or difficult to move around the room.

4. Paying Too Much 

The major mistake homeowners make is ignoring your home furniture budget.

We often think that the most expensive pieces are the best, but this isn’t true. When you take time to research, you can find a huge selection of affordable, quality furniture, which saves you a fortune. You should also avoid buying big-box stores as their items aren’t made for the long haul. 

5. Ignoring Your Home’s Color Palette 

When browsing furniture for bedrooms, it’s important to consider the room’s color palette. Make sure you choose items that compliment your current color scheme, otherwise it will look overwhelming. Also, it’s important to remember that the furniture’s color will look different online, so ask the fabric swatch to check the color in person. 

Also, avoid succumbing to interior design trends as you could regret it later on. 

Avoid These Furniture Shopping Mistakes

Hopefully, now you know which furniture shopping mistakes to avoid. 

Make sure you don’t rush through the process, not factoring in your lifestyle, and forgetting to measure every room. You should also avoid paying too much and ignoring your home’s color palette so you don’t buy pieces that clash. Happy shopping!  

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