Destiny 2: Master Power Leveling

Power To The Immortals

Understanding the game is one thing, but learning the system of different types of powers is a completely separate story. The leveling hasn’t changed much in 15 seasons – it is still the same grind for all players. Reaching the cap for Power is just the same for all types of players, and all of them have to go through it each season. 

So, where to start? Well, first, you have to realize that there are several progression systems in the game. You have your:

  • Season pass ranks
  • Bonus power
  • Gear power

All of these combined contribute to your total power level, allowing your character to advance and progress further in higher-level content like raids and Master Nightfalls. This means that potentially you’ll have to work on leveling in 3 different systems, as each of them requires unique action to advance through. For instance, the ranks of the season are earned through the XP system. With them, you can reach 100 ranks and receive rewards in each rank. Furthermore, 1 rank is 100,000 XP. When you earn XP, you essentially also get Bonus power. These aren’t limited, and you can earn as many as you want. But they reset with each new season. With each new Bonus power unlocked, the requirement for the following unlocks greatly increases. This is done so that you won’t feel like you’re flying through ranks, and the more you progress, the slower it becomes. This is also why a lot of gamers prefer using Destiny 2 level boost to get done with all of this grind as early in the season as possible. As you advance through the ranks and accumulate Bonus power, you start unlocking the seasonal artifact points, which you can spend on unlocking Artifact Mods. These upgrades will let you defeat powerful enemies in high-level activities.

The Cap is a Lie

Gear Power isn’t really explained all that well in the game and can be confusing to new players. All gear and activities have a Power requirement dictated by the season’s soft cap. To level up fast, you want to do seasonal challenges to earn XP and all the weekly challenges and bounties each week. A good way to continue leveling up fast after you’ve done all challenges and weekly bounties are to do the daily bounties. But to be the most efficient with your gear power leveling, do every activity available to you in the game. The secret here is to play the same thing many times and do so daily. The longer your game session is, the better. Yes, if that sounds troublesome, you’re not wrong. But this is the only way. You’ll have to trade your time for the XP. Remember that if you have all 3 characters, you’ll need to repeat the whole process for all of them. It is recommended to start with the character that has the highest gear level. The gear will drop higher, and you’ll have a chance to transfer that higher level gear to other characters. 1 full gear power level is earned by combining power levels from 8 equipment slots.

Min/maxing gear to be effective with the pinnacle drops is also important. If all of your weapons and armor, either equal or very high in comparison to just one of your slots, is much lower, then you would need to min/max that slot by using a powerful reward to make your power level go up instead of using a pinnacle reward. This is one of the tricks you should utilize, but there are others. Also, for faster leveling, you should consider trying the boosting services Destiny 2. If wasting time on farming the XP senselessly doesn’t sound like a fun time for you, there’s an option to leave it to the professionals.


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