At the first glance, the problem does not seem actually important, however, what people get eventually is a waste increase and thrown away money not delivering any happiness. Moreover, a bad gift can ruin a whole celebration you were planning for a long time!

After the whole year of development and research, the Smappy team presents the solution – a gift ecosystem consisting of Smappy and Smappy Store. The main goal of apps is to create and sustain the highest possible efficiency in the gift market, i.e. a personalized system with a unique algorithm InspireMe which will recommend gift options alleviating the gift dilemma of a customer, on another side on Smappy Store gift stores can conveniently add their products and specify them to the last detail.

On Smappy you will find gift selections on any topic: holidays, weekly choice, and best stores. On the main feed, one can easily set up advanced filters including the gift receiver’s area of interest. The app’s cherry on top is a specially developed algorithm InspireMe and high-end tag system. That is a perfect variant for those who have no idea at all what to give. The algorithm takes into account your budget, occasion, gift receiver’s interests and personality, so you absolutely will end up with something great to give.

Why be signed up on Smappy?

For fast and convenient gift search we have created a system of detailed filters and tags. Find gifts by interest category, holiday and tags. Get gift recommendations by our unique algorithm InspireMe and choose a nice present in seconds!

In the app’s feed there are the most popular gifts among our users and the compilation of interesting stores from our team. Check out a renewable content in the Weekly Choice and Smappy Choice sections. Also, our team periodically collaborates with influencers in a gift industry to create great gift guides that again will help to bring joy on a holiday.

Contact stores without any risk. We select every store by hand before placing it on the platform. There are 4 convenient ways to contact a seller: website, email, Instagram and Whatsapp. 

Why be signed up on Smappy Store?

You can enlarge the audience reach among local users and global ones. The system of your profile and product localization enables everyone to understand the gift description, while a country filter eliminates all unreachable orders.

The platform for stores is absolutely free. You discuss the order with a client and process the payment on your own. We don’t charge any fee from sales or subscription payment after registration.

While Mother’s Day is coming, do not miss your chance to order a great gift on Smappy and to make your beloved mother happy! Also, check out JG Gift Guide x Smappy, there are perfect gifts recommended by Jen for this important holiday.

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