When it comes to purchasing refrigerators, people tend to buy smart units with the most modern features. Using a modern fridge, you can simply get a glass of ice water without having to open the door. This saves both electricity bills and your time.

If you have custom panels, you can get a built-in model that exactly matches your kitchen cabinets. Some of the modern refrigerators come with five doors! You can even pull out a drawer from the unit and find it full of cold sodas.

Different Types of Refrigerators with Their Functionality!

Refrigerators might not seem as high-tech as smartphones and computers. But not anymore! Manufacturers keep trying to innovate them with Wi-Fi-assisted features, faster cooling, smart monitors, etc. There are many branded appliances available on market that offer all these features. Bosch is one of the best brands among them. Bosch fridge offers better temperature control and various smart features. The durability and advanced technology are some of the reasons why Bosch refrigerator models are widely popular among Canadians.

The Built-In Refrigerator

Built-in refrigerators are designed for your kitchen décor and cabinets for that seamless finish. Here’s one tip to achieve the perfect fit: check with your interior designer for the recommended dimensions before installation, and don’t forget to provide extra space so air can flow easily.

Beyond aesthetics, these fridges also come with a hidden door hinge, safety glass and LED lighting, elevating your kitchen to a space that’s both sophisticated and functional.

The Top Freezer Refrigerator models

If you are always reaching for the freezer, the top freezer refrigerator would be a great choice as you won’t have to bend down frequently to get what you need. An affordable choice for most, the top freezer is, without a doubt, a commonly found model in homes today. It comprises a fresh food compartment with a separate freezer on top, making it ideal for smaller kitchens.

You’ll also find that there are many options to choose from; refrigerators sporting a modern design with a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finishing and LED lighting or one with bright colours and different laminate patterns for something fun! You should choose the right type of refrigerator as per your family’s size, the kitchen’s interior, and the floor space. Plus, you must utilize the usable storage space for better organization. If you have small kids in your home, then the quietest models would be a perfect fit!

French Door Refrigerators

A designer French door model, involves a refrigerator portion on top behind two doors. It swings outward from the middle, with a sliding freezer door underneath the unit. French door refrigerators have become associated with a luxury design, and they do look gorgeous in modern kitchens.

They also have plenty of space inside. Using these models, you will get easy access to items stores inside. The slide-out freezer door on the bottom makes it easy to pull out items you need. Even though taller people might have to stoop down a little, this is far more convenient than other models. French door refrigerators also tend to carry a higher price tag, but they are worth every penny. If you are in a store for a French door fridge, look out for colours that match your kitchen space!

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