6 Different Ways to Rock Flare Pants

High-waisted flares with a boho sensibility were the most popular silhouettes of the ’70s in Australia. Its revival has brought back one of the most popular trends seen in fashion history, flared pants. It was one of the most fashionable eras in Australia and the rest of the world, with icons like Olivia Newton-John and Farrah Fawcet flaunting bell sleeves and boots. boho flare pants and groovy trousers have made a comeback this decade due to their unique silhouette, long-length effect, comfortable design to fit any body type and relaxed flares. The looks provide a boho, dressy or business casual look with ease with just a few swaps in accessories.

The Best Combinations to Wear Flare Pants With

Classic Flared Pants with T-shirts

Combining the classic design of boho flare pants with the even more classic t-shirt is timeless and stunning. One of the best looks is tucking a crisp white t-shirt under a pair of flared pants using a leather belt. Sunglasses, jewelry, a tote, heels, and other accessories complete this look.

Pair It with A Top and Heels

To provide a cool, laid-back vibe, one can wear a nonchalant top with flared pants and an eye-catching belt that accentuates their silhouette. Combine this look with a pair of beautiful heels to increase the leg-lengthen effect and create a chick feel. Those who want to bring some authenticity of the 70s into their look can wear block-heeled boots with pointed pumps and get the right business or party look with the right accessories.

Tank Tops and Spaghetti Tops

A regular plain tank top or a fancy spaghetti top provides a casual but chic look when paired with flared pants. They go well with scarfs or a long flowy vest and layered chains. On colder days, one can add a denim jacket to the mix. On dates, they can pair them with a fancy bright spaghetti top. They can accessorise themselves with dangling earrings, a lovely handbag, and strappy sandals to complete the look.

Belted and Peplum Tops

Peplum tops or tops with a waist belt accentuate the curves of a woman when paired with boho flared pants. The look provides structure to the flowing lower half, contrasting the simple and streamlined appearance. Alternatively, for a more casual look, one can tuck in their t-shirt to rock the authentic 70’s style.

Denim Shirts with Denim Flares

Denim on denim might seem like a stretch for some, but they look great when worn the right way. One can experiment with the look by wearing printed flare designs with denim or chambray tops and accessorizing with simple chains and a bag. They can then move on to flared jeans pants with denim jackets or similar shades of blue in flannel t-shirts. They can accessorize with a beautiful silk scarf with a loose knot that sits on top of the jacket to complete the look.

Flare Pants with Stripes

Stripes are eternal designs as one can pair them with anything to transform the entire look. One can bring a laid-back Australian style to their everyday casual outfit by tucking in a t-shirt with soft stripes into flared pants. It helps to have a perfect fit striped t-shirt to enhance the body structure and make the wearer look taller. With the right kind of accessories like bags, chains, or sunglasses, one can smoothly transition the look for a class to a shopping mall.


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