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All About Discord

Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP that began as an experiment and evolved into a full-fledged application. With all the functionality of other VoIP software such as Skype and Team Speak. It has several internal components, including voice and text chat features, allowing equally sharing videos and images among users. Discord Easter Eggs are the hidden features or messages in Discord that appear in server or direct messages when certain words are said or typed. There are several Easter eggs found throughout the application, but they’re not very common at all. Some have been around for a while and have become iconic to the program itself.

Discord Easter Eggs

Discord also offers several Easter Eggs, similar to Slack and Telegram, but not the same. Like most Easter eggs in most apps, they are triggered by typing certain words or phrases into the input box. Discord does have a few more weird phrases that will change your text colour or your nickname.

We were able to find a couple of Easter Eggs in Discord that can be fun to try out with your friends. To use these Discord Easter Eggs, make sure you have the most updated app version and type any words/phrases below in the chatbox.


The ! rainbow command will type a random rainbow of text for you, but it goes fast and can be challenging to read if you don’t catch it in time. The best way to see it is to use this in your text channel.


This changes your nickname to “Dancing Bot”, and type a random dance move in your chatbox. You can change it back by typing! dance again, or leave the channel you used it on. 

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If you type! meow in the chatbox, your nickname is changed into “Kitten Bot,” and it will meow back at you. You can also change your current text colour to pink by typing ! meow into Discord chat or another colour of your choice.


This one changes your username to “Pizza Bot” and types a random slice of pizza with different toppings in your channel. You can also change the colour of the conversation by using this command.


Changing your name with this command makes you a “Bot-Father,” while typing! Life into any channel makes it show up as whatever time zone that server is set on, which is pretty cool if you have a server full of people from around the world.


This changes your nickname to “Bacon Bot” and puts a strip of bacon on the end of each line you post in chat. Your text colour will also change if you use this command.


If you type ! meme into Discord will add weird symbols and numbers above everyone’s head, and typing anything will make them say random phrases.

 !catfact / !dogfact

Typing these commands will give you a random cat or dog fact and make your nickname “Fact Bot” until you change it back.


This changes your name to “Ping Bot” and types the IP address of that server into chat. You can clear this command by typing !ping


This makes your text invisible for one message, then reverts to normal after it’s sent/received. Everyone will only see your first message with this command if they’re not using an app version of Discord, so try it out in the browser version.

A list of Discord Easter Eggs is currently available for you to try. Do note that these Easter eggs are not listed in any particular order.

Trick the server list

This Easter egg will show users how long it takes for Discord servers to load up (in seconds). It depends on the number of servers there are online. Your mileage may vary because server load, time depends on factors like the host’s internet connection or whether or not an antivirus program is running in the background. To do this, type `/server.` If done correctly, Discord will cycle by displaying server loading times and then staying blank: `/server: Loading…`

The Wolfram|Alpha Easter Eggs

The Easter egg was an internal joke at WolframAlpha for over 15 years (Stephen Wolfram’s students worked on it as a fun project). It only became available to the public in 2016. To do this, type `/wa,` and then hit enter.

Twitch Easter Eggs

Discord can connect directly to a user’s Twitch account and friends’ accounts, which is convenient for people who want both chat and voice communication. This feature works by typing `/discord`. You can also join text channels explicitly dedicated to hosting Twitch tournaments, which are the only content these channels have. To join one of these channels, type `/twitchjoin,` followed by the channel name.

Undertale Easter Eggs

This Easter egg is accessed and type `/underfell. You can type `help` to get a list of commands that allow you to react with some Undertale characters, such as Papyrus and Undyne.

Secret Ringtone Discord Easter Eggs

Discord Easter Eggs within the latest version of Discord, a voice and text messaging application. You can assign ringtones to specific people or groups of people. It’s not very easy to find out how to do this yourself, so here are some steps that will help you precisely what you need to do:

Step 1: Invite your friend(s)

Invite your friends into a private or group DM. Once they accept, move on to step 2.

Step 2: Enter Video Mode

Click on the video button at the bottom-right corner of Discord so that it turns blue. This will allow you to see all previous videos played between everyone in the group.

Step 3: Record a Video

Click the red dot to the left of your friend’s name, and it should pop up with a “REC” button, as well as a timer counting down from 3. Click the rec button to start recording, and wait for it to finish recording. Once it has finished, click stop, and you have successfully recorded yourself saying something. This is what will become your ringtone.

The next step isn’t necessary, but I’ll tell you how to do it anyways: Click on the gear at the bottom-right corner of Discord. Go into User Settings> Notifications> Calls> Phone & Video Call Notifications> Deskphone Only. This means that you can hear your ringtone only when you are on your computer and logged into Discord.

Music notes Discord Easter Eggs.

Starting from the bottom left and going right on the image, there’s a note shape. Click it to get music notes playing. If you hover over the center of the music notes, they go higher and lower in pitch. Click and hold one of the music notes around the edge, they play an individual sound effect. Let go, they stop playing instantly without fading out as standard audio does.

After clicking random ones and letting go quickly or holding longer to get different sounds. Eventually, you’ll find a C-sharp near the top that plays random noises instead of the sound effects it should be making. 

Discord Easter Eggs Japanese

Discord Easter eggs are hidden features in programs, web pages, video games, etc. The software producers but implemented by them. These features are added for fun or to get additional attention. It is an open-source VoIP application designed primarily for gamers, has hundreds of Easter eggs.

Discord was initially released in May 2015 and started to gain popularity in the summer of 2016. When people found its compatibility with Steam, a popular gaming platform. It offers text and voice communication between users in servers. 

Discord’s first Easter egg was found on January 13, 2016. One of the builders decided to modify the startup screen. His coworker was “feeling blue” and had chosen a picture of Spongebob Squarepants looking sad as his profile image. A group of users managed to trigger this Easter egg repeatedly after closing and reopening Discord, leading others to discover it. Since then, many Discord users have discovered Discord Easter Eggs in the application.


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