Do internet service providers tamper with connection speed?

Yes, it is a possibility. Usually, when there is slow internet, the usual go-to supposition is that it may be peak hours while browsing, browsing; multiple devices are competing in a single household or the equipment needs attention. There is also weather interference that could mess up the wireless signals or the wiring. But another reason is that ISP might also be tampering with it. There are several reasons why ISP might be doing that and we will explore it ahead. 

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Where does all the internet data go?

To get to the bottom of why internet service providers interfere with your internet connection, there is a need to understand the basics first. Everything you do on the internet eats up data. From sending/receiving an email to streaming Netflix and downloading shows, to online gaming requires varying amounts of data usage. Sending an email might need to use the amount of data that is less than when playing online games. 

However, there is a limit on the amount of bandwidth in a provider’s network whichnetwork, which is why they try to restrict the consumers’ internet connection as well. Having your internet limited can get annoying since it slows down the connection speeds, resulting in video buffering and games lagging. However, it is essential in this case and ISPs have a good reason for it. The point is to ensure that internet users do not take up more internet data than they need to. This process is known as called data throttling or data cap.

Why do ISPs tamper with internet connections?

There are multiple reasons why internet service providers throttle your internet connection: 

Reason Number 1 

If an internet user is restricted to using 1Gbps for a month, he will have to only have to amount to the given number, and not more. As he nears the data cap, he will experience throttling in his internet connection or a reduction in the speed of his internet connection. If he uses up all the 1Gbps before the month is over and he needs the internet running again, he will have to apply for a new one with additional charges. This process is called a data cap.

Reason Number 2

Another reason why ISPs try to manage your internet connection is to deal with network congestion. When a network connection gets crowded with too many people trying to connect, the ISPs use throttling to regulate the network traffic. As a result, all the internet users in a certain area can access the internet, instead of some getting most of it while others not getting any.

Reason Number 3

ISPs throttling is also to their own advantage. It is also their way of utilizing the internet connection. If you are regular on Netflix or Amazon Prime, and you feel that it is lagging. It might be their way of asking Netflix or Amazon Prime. To pay them for running their websites on their network (or forcing them to pay for faster loading times). That is unfair to you since you are already paying for their internet connection. Also being unable to access Netflix or Amazon Prime might push internet consumers towards using other streaming services. They most likely the one that ISP is affiliated with.

How to tell if ISP is throttling your internet connection?

When you apply for an internet connection. It is important to keep in mind that you do not get the exact transmission speed mentioned on the website. It is always an estimate (it’s not “500Mbps”, but “up to 500Mpbs”).

To check if the ISP is interfering with your internet connection, you can run the online speed tests. Make sure to run the speed test when the internet is not being used, since downloading large files can somehow have an impact on your internet speed. The speed test will give you the downloading speed, uploading speed, and ping information. Keeping all this in mind, run the online speed test again while turning on the VPN. Running the online speed test with VPN will tell you if ISP is throttling your internet speed at certain times in certain hours of the day. However, if the speed test with VPN shows the same result as the one without it, then ISP is not throttling your internet connection. 

In conclusion

,I internet service providers do sometimes put a limit. On your internet connection and there is nothing that you can doo about it. In some cases, for ISP to throttle internet connections is legal, and in some cases, they are obligated to tell their consumers if they are doing such a thing. Thus, when using the internet, internet users need to have information about the kind of internet connection they have, and the kind of restrictions they will experience with the connection so they can manage their internet browsing accordingly. 


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