New Ways To Develop Online Business In Malta

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New Ways To Develop Online Business In Malta

Malta has long been working on digital business options. Therefore, the e-commerce market is constantly evolving and growing. Most consumers and businesses prefer to shop online and, as a result, there is a lot of competition.

Information and communication technology is one of the most important sectors of the Maltese economy. This is due to the fact that most businesses have started to operate in an online environment. Due to the fast and reliable Internet connection, it is quite easy to start an online business in Malta. You can find more detailed information on how to properly start a business at

How to Start an Online Business in Malta

For those who wish to run an online business in Malta, it is necessary to comply with the requirements related to the registration of the firm, including the verification and reservation of the name, and the presentation of the company charter, which is the main document. It contains important information about the owners and the scope of the company. There are also a number of steps that need to be taken for the process of registering an online store in Malta:

·  It is necessary to obtain special licenses in order to conduct business in the sphere of online sale of goods and services.

·  Register with the Malta Commercial Registry. This can be an LLC or a sole proprietorship.

·  The domain name is subject to registration immediately after its purchase.

·  Opening a merchant account to provide customers with affordable payment options.

·  The business must be registered with the appropriate authorities to pay taxes before it begins operations.

·  Implementation of a security system on the site before going online.

Creating an online business requires a lot of effort because there is a lot of competition in the marketplace. Before starting a business, it is recommended to do some research to understand what consumers need above all. If you want to build an e-commerce business, Malta is a good place to do so. Thanks to many existing benefits from the government, it has become quite a profitable investment and the government has been able to push the digital economy forward and put Malta among the best countries. Virtual commerce can be complicated, and you will need a few tips to create a successful website.  First, you should determine the type of company you are creating. There are four in Malta.

№   Company typeDescription
1.Limited Liability Company (LLC)Divided into 2 types
А)privateThe number of participants is limited to 50 people. It is forbidden to invite the public to sign shares or debentures.
B)publicOpportunity to offer shares and debentures openly
2.Full partnershipGreat option for small and medium sized businesses
А)En Nom CollectifPartnership between two or more founders, one of which must be an individual or entity
B)En CommanditeA limited partnership whose members have limited liability to the company
3.Sole proprietorshipA company owned by a single person
4.Foreign companyIt is a legal entity outside the country with a branch located in Malta

After passing all the stages of registration, the last step is to become a VAT payer. For this purpose, it is necessary to submit a package of documents and the relevant service enters the company in a special register.

This information is very important for those who have decided to invest in a business project in Malta.

Online Gambling in the Maltese Islands

Malta is one of the first EU member states to fully adopt online gambling. This is proven by the Remote Gaming Regulations adopted in 2004, and the Lotteries and Gambling Authority, which was transformed into the Malta Gambling Authority in 2015. It has quickly earned a reputation as the leading licensor and regulator in the online gambling industry. Thanks to the government’s judicious and rational actions and the rapid development of modern technology, Malta has gained a place of honor as an international iGaming hub, so Malta casino online is highly appreciated among millions of players.

Virtual space gambling licenses from the Malta Gambling Authority are highly valued among operators, they give a maximum level of legality to online gambling platforms. But there is one important nuance – it is quite difficult to get it.

The MGA carefully selects candidates to meet the licensing criteria. The verification process has credibility among players around the world because the MGA has a certain number of steps:

·  Evaluation of the information provided. The MGA assesses all information about the client. These are the finances and management of the business. The department investigates the biographies of shareholders and key individuals involved in casino operations along with cross-national regulatory and law enforcement agencies.  

·  Business plan audit. After reviewing the request for compliance, MGA takes a detailed and thorough look at the applicant’s business plan, including such important components as: marketing, human resources, prediction of operations and economic prospects.

·   Verification of financial reserves. The process involves a review of the founding documents, verticals, terms, policies and procedures, and financial reserves. The required amount of paid-up capital depends on the type of license: the first one – €100,000; the second one – €100,000; the third one – €40,000; the fourth one – €40,000.

·   Familiarization with the system. After passing the first three stages, the applicant is informed that his request is approved, and he is invited to show in practice how the casino works. The process is overseen by a qualified system auditor, who is approved by the MGA and selected by the operator. The main purpose of the audit is to confirm that the casino is operating according to the business plan. If discrepancies are found, the request will be rejected until they are corrected. It is then submitted again. Once the processes are certified, the applicant is granted a 10-year license.

·   Project verification. Within 90 days of launch, the operator must hire an MGA-recognized auditor to verify the project.

For a thorough understanding of what the MGA is, its structure and functions, you can use the Wikipedia site and the link

Today, opening an online business in Malta is very profitable, as the state provides many benefits to investors, which, of course, attracts many interested persons.

The Maltese islands have become a world-renowned center where modern technology, finance and international business are concentrated. All this is due to the attractive tax advantages and low cost of doing business. As a result, the number of international companies is increasing day by day.

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