Cheap But Effective Ways of Using Vinyl Stickers to Promote Your Business

It is always a big challenge for small business owners to advertise their businesses to build brand awareness and drive traffic to their stores due to the restrictions of the budget. If you are a small business owner looking for an affordable yet high-impact advertising method, you can consider self-adhesive stickers made from vinyl. Incredibly versatile, these stickers can be used in many ways to boost the awareness of your brand. Some of the top methods of using stickers for business promotion explained:

Distribute the Stickers as Giveaways

If you design your stickers well using a theme or a cause and keep the branding subtle, stickers are appreciated by the target audience as a fun gift. You can print colorful stickers in large numbers very economically for distributing to the customers who come into your store or people who visit your stall at a trade fair. You can even slip them into the packages of the purchases people make to serves as a surprise when they reach home. There is no end to the innovation of designing stickers. You can put inspirational or funny messages or promote energy, nature conservation, or causes you would like to associate your business with. These vinyl stickers can be stuck just about anywhere you like, on cars, water bottles, mobile phones, and much more.

Give Away As Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are extremely effective in spreading advertising messages because they are highly visible. The secret of encouraging people you give them to stick them on their cars is to make them colorful, funny, or even thought-provoking. It can help to develop a style and theme for these stickers that can be easily identified with your business or brand so that people viewing the sticker automatically know that they are yours. You can give away these stickers to the people who visit your store or even distribute them in parking lots, malls, movie theatres, or at special events, you are participating in or sponsoring. Every bumper sticker put on a car gives your business valuable publicity, and that too free of charge. Including a CTA in the advertising message can encourage customers to take the desired action, says a Forbes report.

Make the Packaging Sell Your Business 

Every package you send out to your customers is a great opportunity for advertising your business. You can make the boring cardboard cartons more attractive and distinctive by sticking colorful stickers that advertise your business and brand. You can not only put your logo and business name but also social media handles, email address, and other contacts on the stickers. It is especially useful for e-commerce businesses that ship a lot of packages every day. You can also throw in a few custom stickers in the package for your customers to use wherever they like.


Custom adhesive stickers are easy and cheap to make and represent fun and interesting way of promoting your brand and business. They can be very easily used by the people they are given to on their cars, laptops, phones, windows, and just about any surface, you can think of. 

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