Essential Parts for Gaming PC Suggested By PC Builders

What kind of computer do you need if you want to enjoy games on your computer? If you want to play a full-scale 3D game, it may not be suitable for a general computer. Most of the general business personal computers are configured on the assumption that they will be used for general purposes such as e-mail, the Internet, spreadsheets, and writing functions.

It can be said that there is a high possibility that the functions for enjoying a full-scale game are lacking. Even with a general computer, it does not mean that you cannot play games at all. However, it may not be suitable for enjoying the game because it is slow to respond and the screen freezes during operation. To enjoy the game, you need to visit PCbuilder for computer parts suitable for gaming.


The amount of RAM is measured in GB. For an extreme gamer PC, the more RAM the better it will be, especially if you can also afford high-frequency or over-clockable RAM.

We recommend that you need at least 32GB of RAM for proper high-end gaming. This quantity is actually valuable for streaming as well as content making. You will be surprised how much RAM is used when rendering video. And let’s not forget how RAM-hungry Chrome can be!

The good thing about RAM is that it’s one of the easiest things to update in a gaming PC. As long as you buy RAM that matches in size, frequency, and model number, you can double the size in the future. If you want to save money now, buy 16 GB first and upgrade with another 16 GB in the future.

Power Supply (PSU):-

Power supplies are sold by watt, which is the amount of power they can deliver. In general, the higher the wattage, the higher the price, but bigger isn’t always better.

If your power adapter is too powerful, it will not run as efficiently and can increase your electricity bill. Too weak and the power adapter just don’t give enough power to the parts, which could cause your computer to shut down in the middle of a game (or worse).

Fortunately, there is a handy calculator that you can use to calculate this – enter all the components and use them to calculate the minimum required power of the power supply in watts. See what results it brings, and then choose something with a little more power to accommodate future devices that you may add.


Cooling is an important part of any gaming PC, even more so on an extreme gaming PC that you are about to wring out. The components in your case also need to be kept cool, not least the CPU. Modern processors do a lot of work and get really hot while playing. It’s important to keep them cool – not only to prevent overheating and breakage, but also to keep your PC running smoothly and gaming without interruption.

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