Everything to know about ISB Interviews and Preparation Tips

Indian School of Business (ISB) is one of the top MBA business schools in Asia and all over the world. It has been ranked as the #1 B-school in India by Bloomberg Businessweek rankings. The flagship Post Graduate Program (PGP) of ISB is ranked 1st in India and 23rd globally by FT Global MBA Rankings 2021. Thousands of students apply every year to secure a seat at this esteemed business school. ISB conducts several other popular programs like ISB Young Leader’s Program, Post Graduate Program, PGPMAX, and Executive MBA program, etc.

In this article, we are going to talk about the ISB interview process and how you can prepare for ISB MBA Interview.

Interview panel: 

ISB Admission committee and alumni members

Average duration:

20-25 minutes

All candidates appearing for ISB YLP, PGP and other interviews are judged on four parameters mentioned below:

  • Leadership traits and potential future impact
  • Community involvement and interests
  • Effective communication and presentation skills
  • Analytical and reasoning skills

Below are a few ISB Interview tips, Interview experience and ISB MBA interview questions. The below interview experience can help you for ISB interview preparation:

ISB MBA Interview Tips and Suggestions

  • All the admissions committee members are provided with complete details about a candidate except for his / her GMAT score. This is done to avoid any bias against analytical skills – therefore keep in mind that the ISB interview panel has already reviewed your profile and details.
  • The questions aimed to go beyond the CV, eliciting discrepancies in the essays, and deciding whether the candidate can make dialogues entertaining, humorous, and valuable to class participation.
  • What counts most is an applicant’s conviction and belief in his or her own abilities, regardless of how great his or her profile is. Candidates who are unrealistic were confronted with a slew of difficult questions.

For ISB Interview preparation, an ISB Mock interview session is helpful. Over 60% of candidates called in for the interview are rejected. Hence, it’s a good practice to have a preparatory session with ISB alumni or ex-admissions committee members.  At General Education, we believe that only those who have successfully been a part of ISB can help you on your successful admit. That is why we have a panel of the most experienced ISB alumni members who have previously conducted interviews to help you prepare for the same. You can visit our website genedmba.com or write to us at customercare@general-ed.com.

We are sharing a few interview experiences of candidates here:

ISB Interview Experience 1:

This is a thorough ISB Interview Experience by an ISB applicant who secured a successful admit after being wait-listed the previous year.

Having been waitlisted recorded after the meeting and at last dinged by ISB in the earlier year, I was in reality low on confidence about the meeting when I got the call again with four days’ notification in Round 1.

I was called into my board where I was welcomed by two specialists, both of whom were ISB alumni. Very little time was squandered in the introductions.

The initial two inquiries posed were those that I by one way or another feared the most. First – educate us something regarding yourself. I was forthright in saying that I have consistently been uncertain with regards to how to address this inquiry and this was trailed by a brief statement from my side. Second – for what reason would i say i was dismissed the year before?

I said one in light of the fact that my application was not composed well and basically that I was anxious in the meeting. They asked about this year. I said I am significantly more certain with regards to the application and that I am as yet apprehensive sitting before you.

Then, at that point, the inquisition began. I was gotten some information about the side interests that I had touched on in the application – not to strike a discussion, but rather to really test whether I knew at least something concerning what I had written. The greatest piece of my meetings was around my objectives. I had expounded on my field-tested strategies down the line. I was given inquiries about estimating and was posed to examine numbers, and so forth I did that all fine. Then, at that point, about my arrangements at ISB, be it situations or even in any case. Cross-addressing followed.

At the end, I was allowed an opportunity to pose inquiries. Also, I posed a great deal of inquiries. This time I truly needed to know stuff as I previously had secured admit from IIM-C and needed to take an informed choice in the event that this too got converted.

My meeting continued for longer than 60 minutes, which is well over the normal meeting lengths ISB conducts. Till date, I have not perceived whether it was a pressure meeting or they were truly in two personalities about me. I got an affirmation letter on the absolute first day the outcomes were delivered for R1, which after full fourteen days of thought, I acknowledged.

ISB Interview Experience – 2 :

Hi, my name is Akshay. My ISB interview was taken by the admissions committee of ISB and it was on campus interview. Before interview, I was given the word “Action” and asked to write about 50-100 words. The interview was  straightforward. My ISB interview lasted for about 35 minutes. There are few ISB MBA questions they asked me during the interview.

  • Walk me through your resume.
  • Why you want to do MBA at this stage of your career?
  • How do you confront your team members if you think they are wrong?
  • How do you think your sub-ordinates describe you?
  • How have you positively contributed to your team’s success during your work experience?
  • Do you have any question for me?

ISB Interview Experience – 3:

My ISB interview was held with the alumnus of ISB and an admission team committee member. My interview was very relaxed, they didn’t really grill me on anything. Before interview they asked me to write on “Media Activism” about 100-200 words. There are few questions they asked during my ISB Interview:

  • Tell me about your leadership role and a time when you led a team.
  • If you had to cite a single skill or attribute that has most contributed to your career success, what would it be and why?
  • Why do you think that particular project (given on my essay) was your biggest achievement?
  • Have you ever had a difference of your opinion at your workplace? Elaborate.
  • How can you contribute to this class?
  • Do you have any questions for us?


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