A brief introduction to Galio ARAM Build Guide, Runes, and Items

 Introduction to  Galio aram

The stone-cold warden Galio Aram loves to make earth-shattering entrances to fights. He is more robust than most magic users and smashes skulls on the frontlines, grabbing glory in the process. Galio Aram has been one of the most popular picks since his release because of his ability to make plays. The Colossus will always be a classic giant brick wall, but he also does hard carry status damage for an AP tank. His passive Aegis Protection reduces incoming magic damage by 50% for 4 seconds after it procs.

You can activate your Shield of Durand to taunt all enemies in a line for double the magic damage reduction. Galio’s Bulwark increases his bonus armor and magic resistance by 20%. This is especially good against champions with mixed damage like Jax, Tryndamere, Yasuo, etc. His Idol of Durand requires some setup, but it does actual damage scaling with max health, so if you have a high HP pool on ARAM, it makes sense to pick him up.

gailo aram

More Interesting Info about Galio aram

Aegis Protection

Galio’s passive is called Aegis Protection. It has an internal cooldown of 4 seconds. When activated, this ability will reduce any incoming magic damage by 50%. For the next 4 seconds, this passive will be disabled until it refreshes again after another 4 seconds. This passive is so strong on ARAM because most people will focus on either a squishy or a carry. So whoever gets focused will receive a free 50% damage reduction for about 5-6 seconds which can determine the outcome of a fight.

Winds of War

Galio begins lane battle with a whirlwind of area-of-effect damage from his passive, Q, and E abilities. Galio’s Q is called Winds of War. It deals 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.8 AP) magic damage and applies (on-hit) Awe for 1 second to enemies hit by this skill, reducing their attack speed by 10/14/18/22/26% for 3 seconds after the debuff fades. This ability also has an internal cooldown between hits of 8 seconds; it costs 70 mana + 40 additional mana per second and has a base cooldown of 10/9/8/7/6 seconds.

This ability makes Galio such a great pick in ARAMs:

  • It does decent damage and scales off magic penetration; however, the main reason you would want to max this first is because of its Awe passive, which can be very effective against AD champions (auto attackers).
  • If an enemy champion gets hit by it, they will not only take damage. But also lose attack speed. So if they get caught in a fight or when chasing someone down, this can deter their attack speed. Thus make them much less helpful in the war.
  • It has a low cooldown but notes that you need to keep your mana up and use it wisely since it costs 40 mana per second.

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Shield of Durand

Galio’s W is called Shield of Durand. After 1 second, Galio gains a shield that absorbs up to 10/13/16/19/22 (+ Galio’s level) damage for 8 seconds and increases his movement speed by 20% while the shield persists. This ability also has an internal cooldown between guards of 4 seconds; it costs 80 mana and has a base cooldown of 14 seconds.

This ability is excellent since you will always get at least one shield throughout the match, and it also gives you increased movement speed, which can be helpful when chasing down enemies or running away from them. The best part about this skill, as mentioned before, is its effect as a steroid since it gives you a lot of movement speed and gives your teammates the option to follow up more effectively.

Justice Punch

Galio’s E is called Justice Punch. He spins his fist to launch a blast dealing 60/100/140/180/220 (+0.6 AP) magic damage on impact and pushing back minions and monsters 400 units. The skill takes 1 second before it goes off. This ability also has an internal cooldown between casts of 4 seconds. It costs 70 mana and has a base cooldown of 12 seconds.

As with Aatrox’s Dark Flight or Nasus’ Spirit Fire, there is some delay before casting the ability. Make good use of it by pushing enemies back or dealing damage. As long as they are not in range when you want them to be, your team will miss an opportunity to follow up since there has been a delay. Nevertheless, if they are close enough, this skill can do wonders for your team battles. The base cooldown is pretty low, but note that it costs 70 mana total (35 mana per second) so try not to spam it too much.

Hero’s Entrance

Galio’s Ultimate is called Hero’s Entrance. He leaps into the air, immediately slowing surrounding enemies for 35% for 1 second, then flies towards a target location. When he lands, enemies in the area are knocked up for 1 second. While Galio lands on the ground with such force that it knocks nearby enemies back slightly (550 range). This ability costs 100 mana and has a base cooldown of 200/180/160 seconds.

Galio’s flash serves as both an offensive and defensive ability. It has a long cooldown at its base, but the longer you wait to cast it, the less effective it becomes. When you are in the air, enemies will get away from your AOE damage and you will become more vulnerable. For instance, if you jump into an enemy Ashe at low health with her team nearby, she could easily kite back and attack you. While your ultimate is on cooldown, you are very vulnerable to an all-in by her team, wasting your ultimate. It leads to your next point: timing. Make sure to use this ability when it counts since none of us are immortal or invulnerable.


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