6 Features You Need to Look Out For in a Gaming TV

The thing that separates a good gaming setup from a great one is the choice for a gaming TV. You need to buy a gaming TV that creates an immersive gaming experience for you in terms of the way it displays visuals.

You can have a powerful gaming setup with a lot of storage space, massive RAM, and the latest graphics card, but you won’t get to enjoy that fully unless you have a gaming TV that matches the power of the rest of the gaming setup.

In this article, we are going to share with you a set of features that you need to look for in a gaming TV before you buy one. 

So, let’s get started and talk about the things you need to look out for in a gaming TV for an immersive gaming experience

Screen Size 

Screen size matters a lot when it comes to buying a TV for gaming. You need a display that is big enough to let you see all the details clearly. 

Buying a TV with a small display size won’t help you get the kind of gaming experience that you want. So, you need to think about the right size of the display that would be the best for you. 

The screen size will determine the gaming quality and the way to handle the different gaming elements such as poe mods in the Path of Exile. 


HD resolution has always been considered a standard for gaming TVs. You can’t enjoy the graphics of gaming to their fullest unless you have a display with HD resolution. 

Most of the latest gaming TVs come with 4k resolution. If you are planning on getting a TV bigger than 45”, then it must support a 4k resolution.

You can also go for HDR displays if you prefer them. So, if you have the budget, we highly recommend that you go for a 4K or HDR resolution display. 

Low Input Lag

High-end fighting or shooting games require a lot of focus and attention. But that focus won’t mean anything unless your device doesn’t work as fast as you want it to work. 

For example, if there is a delay in the input (input lag), it can cost you a lot in the game. So, you need to make sure that you buy a TV that has low input lag. 

The input lag is measured in milliseconds. You want it to be as low as possible for a great online gaming experience. 

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate determines how fast the screen processes the different display elements. If you want to enjoy high-end games to the fullest, you need a TV screen that offers a high refresh rate. 

A refresh rate of 60Hz is recommended for casual gamers. But if you are into professional gaming, you must get a display that has a refresh rate of 120Hz. 

Video Input Options

You need to buy a TV That offers you all the different inputs that you need or might need in the future. You should buy a TV that has HDMI, RCA, s-video, and coaxial inputs. 

You never know when you might end up needing a particular video input. So, you want to be completely prepared if something comes up for you.

Default Sound Quality 

If you’re preparing a gaming setup, you are most likely going to buy a sound system as well. But that doesn’t mean that the default sound of the TV doesn’t matter. 

Since you are going to be paying a lot of money for it, you need to buy a TV that has an awesome default sound quality. This way, you’d be able to meet the challenges in games with better accuracy such as when going through uberlab in the Path of Exile game. 

Wrapping Up

Buying a gaming TV is a huge investment. You need to take your time with it so that you don’t end up with a device that doesn’t meet your needs. 

Consider the features that we have talked about here when shopping for a gaming TV to get the best value for your money. If you have any questions about buying a gaming TV, feel free to get in touch with us.


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