Hertelendy Vineyards Cultivates the Finer Things in Life

Last Updated on March 6, 2023 by Hassan Abbas

Nothing is better than connecting with people you love over excellent food, worthy conversation, and luxury wine. Cherishing moments with loved ones is what embodies the world of wine in Napa Valley where Hertelendy Vineyards is situated. Combining Old World traditions with innovation, Hertelendy wines are unparalleled and its wine production process might amaze you.

Founder and owner Ralph Hertelendy knows what it takes to make the best wine in the world. Every detail must be meticulously taken into consideration in the production process—beginning with the vineyards’ soil. Taking the best elements from the earth, Hertelendy’s vitis vinifera stems come from the soil of the Vaca Mountain range, famous for its volcanic ash and granite-like subsoil which give Hertelendy reds their distinct and elegant taste. As for whites, the clean pristine taste of Hertelendy’s Chardonnay is credited to the deep clay soil of the esteemed Russian River Valley. 

Attention to detail and grape origin has given Hertelendy Vineyards the coveted rating of 99 points from some of the world’s most influential critics. Valuing quality and luxury over all, Hertelendy has set a new bar when approaching wine production. Yet wine quality is only a fraction of what it means to truly thrive within the wine industry. All too aware of this, Hertelendy has navigated wine culture in a way that brings a new definition to the term ‘wine club.’ Through tiered memberships and access to private vintages, Hertelendy elevates the standards surrounding wine culture.

Patrons start on the path of becoming members as they accumulate points through wine purchases. Under the Lux loyalty program, wine lovers are granted access to specific benefits of club members. By opening this window of opportunity, Hertelendy offers a sip of the rewards that a membership with Hertelendy can provide.

The next level up is the Classic club membership. For a Classic member, Hertelendy offers the best that the spring and winter seasons have to offer in six bottles, twice a year. With limited quantities of production wine, the Classic membership is the ideal gateway into the world of Hertelendy Vineyards. Geared with invitations to insider events like the annual harvest party, preferred pricings, and access to complimentary wine tastings, the Classic membership is just an example of what the Hertelendy’s wine clubs have to offer. 

Elite club membership takes the Hertelendy experience to the next—and highest—level. In addition to all the benefits of the Classic members, patrons of the Elite membership are invited to a new approach to wine. In addition to enjoying twice the amount of wine, Elite members are granted access to exclusive wines, crafted in small, limited batches. Elite members are welcome to indulge in Hertelendy’s library of vintage and large format wines that are otherwise only available at charity auctions. Elite members will feel as if they have their fingers on the pulse of the wine industry.

Highlighting exclusivity, club membership is just one of the ways Hertelendy strives for refinement and elegance to keep customers satisfied. As the wine market continues to boom with new wineries popping up seemingly every day, Hertelendy wine is like a diamond patiently developed over time. With a rich wine-making history going back as far as the eighteenth century, the name Hertelendy is filled with tradition and prestige. Taking generations of wine production into the modern world has both innovated Hertelendy’s craft today and preserved the values and practices the name is built on. 

Perfection is the ultimate goal at Hertelendy Vineyards, where a bottle of wine is never just a bottle of wine but rather a celebration, a luxury, and a prize. Become a member today and experience the difference.   

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