Horror-Themed Slots

Last Updated on June 15, 2023 by Umer Malik

A real slot hunter has played many games provided by Slothunter. All those games are great, and there are many bright designs and themes: from sugar unicorns to angelic princesses, from stark Northern warriors to Antique deities… So, avid gamblers have met sirens, magical cats, angry dogs, iron rhinos, adrenalized sportspeople, rogues, Lara Croft, and apocalypse survivors during their gambling journeys. Big wins from them are always either sweet or epic.

But have you ever jumped because of a screamer when you hit a big win?

Literally, what about horror? It can be cool.

What if we want horror-themed slots? Is anyone there with such suggestions?

That gap has motivated some casino old-timers to analyze casino reviews to find the best horror-themed slots to celebrate your win with a horrific burst to make you jump even higher! So, here you go: the top 3 and some other horribly gripping slots to play at night!

1. Nightfall

Horror-Themed Slots
  • Developer: Push Gaming
  • RTP: 96.36%
  • Volatility: Medium, inclining to high
  • Minimum and maximum bets: 0.10/100

Nightfall is the #1 choice for gamblers who love gothic romance, mystery, and dark European architecture aesthetics. It is set in an old castle, surrounded by grim churches and houses with sharp-toothed roofs. The symbols are card suit symbols, animals, and others — all shiny in the moon’s light, as all things and creatures here are made of steel. When you hit a winning combination, some of the symbols become animated! Overall, the visual component in this game is very sleek, cold, yet colorful, even though we have entered a dark realm. The bonus feature gives you free spins. To be more precise, the game gives you six FS (kind of symbolic, especially when you get the feature three times in around thirteen minutes). 

The game deserves all five stars for its attractive design, dynamic animation, player-friendliness, and balanced nature!

2. Rich Wilde and The Tome of Madness

2. Rich Wilde and The Tome of Madness

Developer: Play’nGo

RTP: 96.59%

Volatility: High

Min/max bets: 0.10/100

A bit overrated yet objectively high-quality nonetheless, this Rich Wilde’s adventure will not be good for his mental health. This slot lets us savor the vibe of Lovecraftian horrors, and its visual and audio designs are insanely good indeed. The game has great animations for every time Rich Wilde casts a spell to help us open the gate to the Cthulhu’s realm. Moreover, there are different locations, professional voice acting, and a story behind the setting.

So, this game’s atmosphere and design deserve five stars, two moons, and one planet. BUT the game’s aggressively high volatility makes you hit the spin button for minutes until you see some dynamism. You can put the game on autoplay with the minimum bet for ten minutes and grab a tea before the slot gives you something interesting. Unfortunately, that might avert novices from playing. If you are a novice, try this game in the demo to save money — at least enjoy the art of game development!

3. Lordi Reel Monsters

Horror-Themed Slots
  • Developer: Play’nGo
  • RTP: 96.20%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Min/max bets: 0.10/100

This game is METAL, a Halloweenish rave in the grave with the coolest soundtrack for those who like adrenalin in music. Mr. Lordi’s look is a goal (not sorry). Also, the game is very friendly, even when you are a novice! It will sustain your bankroll on the same level until you get a more significant win. So, that is another 10/10 that deserves your attention if horror (and METAL) is one of your fav genres!

Some Other Suggestions

There are also other games you might like. Reviewing them fully will take two websites. So, here are the titles you can check and maybe contribute to the gambling community with your perspective in a new review!

  • Twin Wins Mystery — Genre: mystery; 95% RTP, high volatility.
  • Mental — Genre: horror; 96.08% RTP, high volatility (unholy).
  • Blood Suckers (series) — Genre: gothic, mystery, vampires.
  • Book of Shadows — Genre: horror; 96.01% RTP, high volatility.
  • Horror House — Genre: horror; 96.04% RTP, high volatility.
  • Zombie Town — Genre: horror, zombies; 90.13% RTP, high volatility.

Final Words

These were the top three horror-themed slots that every gambler can enjoy regardless of the game’s aspect! Of course, there are other games with a dark atmosphere — some might be better than the ones on our list. But these three deserve their spot at the top because of different reasons. Extra suggestions are nice, too, and we expect more horror-themed casino games, even if it is not Halloween soon!

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