How about a boot?

Of course, first of all, meeting shoes is not a matter of 15 minutes, where you choose your favorite colors and pictures, and then in a busy store someone measures the size of your feet and for a few minutes your The shoes “match”. (Usually when you answer) to your coworkers. You can! The guarantee of convenience will not end the poverty we have experienced! For most people, when they are right for us, most of the experience is just renting shoes. The exact process for your ski shoes is very different from rent shoes. It should be like this; You spend a lot of money on ski boats, which will ultimately improve your skiing and make you more comfortable in the mountains.

So is a good boot good?

When you have the right boat to spare time. Some download buttons can last up to 30 minutes, most of them are long. If you have shoes and a normal bed you should allow 1 hour, sometimes if you have 2 feet or special needs.

Here is a general process that a ski resort must go through:

Step 1 – Question

The producer should make good tea or coffee, and talk about you. Yes! Which skier or traveler are you? Yes! In the treatment of your feet, or in your knees, in your legs, in your back, etc. Is there a problem? There is a lot of work to be done with the feet, and translating your feet into your body is not a problem. Now that they understand you, they can move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Analysis

There are great accessories for providing Riding Boots with the following steps, eyes are better! There are many systems of electronic concepts and scanners, but experimental hands are even more important. The producer will be able to analyze your feet and use the so-called podoscope, which illuminates the beautiful blue light under your feet, and you can see for yourself what happened. They may also have a thick plate that scratches on Monday, so you can take a closer look.

The shoe expert will check your position, determine if your legs are bent or down, and especially look at your knees and ankles as you save energy and reduce the risk of injury. Want to work together for

With this, the thinker will post a profile of your feet, the width of your feet, the height of your feet, and the size of your ski boots (based on the calf). They should not let you choose ski shoes based on brand or color!

Step 3 – Run

Before you try to find a shoe that suits your foot profile and personal needs, try some shoes. Don’t look at the budget at this time, go and find the most comfortable shoes. Good shoe quality is not just about getting expensive shoes (even if you have shoes, you get what you pay for) because sometimes you will be very surprised and you will see that all Cheap shoes are best for you.

If you choose regular shoes at the same time – and that may not be enough, they will install seeded shoe making equipment. It’s a great pleasure to have your feet framed on a silicone sofa, from which air is drawn to take a 3D picture of your foot profile. The producer will make special insoles for your feet, and make corrections as a result of a step-by-step interview, and then they will end up fitting your feet.

These shoes you make and the accessories you choose, and when your shoe bags burn you will be given another cup of tea or coffee. Then you kick the boot and suggest turning on the boot, then walk for about 5-10 minutes to see if the boot is correct.

Questions asked by the victim (such as rubbing the ankle a little, cutting the finger) were identified, the shoe was thrown into the workshop, and various amazing tools were used to correct the desired shape of the shoe shell. This is often called a stretch shoe.

The ski boot will be adjusted, re-checked, and repeated if necessary. When everything is said and done, your feet will be a perfect shoe in the right direction. A bigger fit boat also improves your skiing or sitting as you will have more control and balance. Good quality care should also be free. If you plan to include them, you will need to pay for ski shoes with regularly designed legs.


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