How rental photocopier can save your money?

With such advanced options at your disposal, you just need to get the most out of your Office Documentation Expert. A photocopier on rent for office can save companies, large and small, a significant amount on costs each month. Read on to learn how a service office can save you money.

1. Say goodbye to long-term contracts

Many companies looking to expand into the domestic market want to rent offices without immediate expense. The main difference between serviced and traditional offices (and one of the main reasons for deciding to use them) is the duration of the rental agreement. Some will rent the space for at least 2 months; will hire for another 6, 9 or 12 months – or more.

2. Furnished office at no extra charge

Why spend money to equip an office when you can use an office that already has everything you need? When you rent a service office, you get a professional workplace that is already ready with office furniture, state-of-the-art telephone system; secure high-speed internet service, whiteboard TV, DVD players, video conferencing and more.

3. Free office equipment and onsite services

No need to keep up with all the most modern office equipment. With a serviced office you can automatically gain access to modern business machines such as color photocopier hire, network printers and fax machines, LED projectors, TVs / DVDs, video conferencing and more. Buying or not renting these machines makes it easier for companies to budget for office expenses and control the cost of commercial office space to rent.

4. Less bill

With a service office, everything is covered in one bill per month. That means no more phone or internet bills, no more electricity bills, no more cleaning or maintenance bills, and no more water bills. This saves you time – you get an invoice and make a payment.

5. Cheap affordable and fast internet

As mentioned above, the Internet is available in your serviced office – and it’s super fast and very secure – just like regular speed internet! This is especially useful for small companies that cannot afford fast internet.

6. No maintenance costs or worries

If anything in your service office ever needs to be repaired, you are not responsible for getting it fixed or paying for it. Professional maintenance services will be at no additional cost. All of this is included in the reduced cost of your office

7. A professional receptionist is involved

Your service office will come with a professional receptionist, who will greet your guests, answer all your calls, forward your calls to voicemail, coordinate your courier pick-up and delivery, sort your mail, etc. Additional administrative and secretarial assistance is also available at a nominal fee.

8. An impressive business address

With a serviced office you have a permanent business address within minutes of a high-profile area recognizable from the city’s business district. You can send all your mail to this landmark address and also put it on your business card. Feel free to use it to impress your friends too!

9. Postal Services

If you are away from the office, the service office can arrange for you to pick up or sign the package. This is the ultimate advantage if you have a lot of packages that can’t be delivered without a signature – even if you’re in the office, you don’t want to be interrupted whenever the package arrives.

10. Many more opportunities

Whether you are a small company that wants to move from your home to the service office, or you are a large company that is expanding into a new area, the service office will help you set up without spending hands and feet. Opportunity to branch out.


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