How Strategy Games Can Improve Your Intelligence?

A recent study claimed that fluid intelligence is affected by playing strategy games. The longer you’ve played a game, the more of a cognitive boost you get. This contradicts the popular belief that video games cause problems such as ADHD.

This new study adds more fuel to the scientific fire that video games are good for the brain. How do strategy games, in particular, affect our brains? Read on to learn how strategy games can improve your intelligence!

Increased Attention Span

Strategy games train the player to keep their full attention on the game. This allows them to make the best moves they can on their turn. This lets the player develop a strong attention span so they can bring all the variables together and make the best choices.

Having this more developed attention span allows the player to better develop their long-term goals. This, in turn, translates into real life. So, playing strategy games makes you better at life planning!

Increased Productivity

Playing strategic games, like war strategy games, helps upgrade the ability to gather new information and react to it. Fast-paced decision-making is equally important for real-time strategy games and the player’s workplace! With this upgraded ability, strategy game players become agile thinkers.

More Emotional Intelligence

While nobody likes to lose, it is a part of the game. Being able to accept failure while still expecting success is important. In online strategy games especially, you need to take that loss and learn from it, so you can make your next run better!

Being able to do this raises your chances for success. When you do lose, you can also better see where you went wrong. In this case, not only is failure an option, but it can be more rewarding in the long run.

Emotional intelligence is also important when working with others. When you play online strategy games with others, you learn important teamwork skills. Learning the skills and abilities of your teammates is an important skill for working with others in a work environment.

Bolsters Creativity

When one strategy doesn’t work, it’s time to come up with another one. Playing free strategy games, like those found at GameMine, forces your creative side to come to the fore. That way, you can develop new strategies to replace the old ones.

Studies show that people who play strategy games are better at creative things. This is true for children especially. When kids play video games, they are better at drawing or storytelling!

Develop Resourcefulness

When you play online strategy games you have to learn how to divide your resources and also to use those resources. Players have to make the most of what they have. This is no different from working in an office or being an entrepreneur with a limited resource pool.

Strategy Games

Strategy games allow players to broaden their minds and boost both emotional intelligence and IQ. You are better able to make less biased decisions and solve complex problems. The solutions you come up with can help create a more positive environment!

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