How to buy kitchen countertops?
How to buy kitchen countertops?

The countertop is the most important part of the kitchen. You spend a lot of time washing, cooking, and preparing food on the kitchen counter. Plus, it reflects the style of your kitchen. A wide range of kitchen worktops is currently available on the market. We can buy kitchen countertops easily.

Indeed, this will have a huge impact on the overall style of the kitchen. It can make it look modern or traditional, depending on the choice you make. To make things easier for you, we have thought of 4 basic rules that will help you choose the perfect worktop for your kitchen.

Height of the kitchen counter:

The standard height of a meter is related to the average Indian height which is usually between 820mm and 860mm. The countertop should ideally be a few inches above the waist to avoid spilling of the cooking surface. Also, make sure that the distance between the kitchen cabinets and the countertop is not too great, as the more you climb, the harder it is for you to reach the upper shelves.

Test measurement:

Small swatches may work for paint, but for countertops, you need to make sure you have a decent swatch size so you can get a feel for what the room will look like with each option.


It is always a good idea to inquire about warranties before making a purchase. You should know that if anything happens to your meter immediately after installation, you can have it repaired/replaced. Even if you don’t, it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Worktop material:

There are 6 kitchen worktop materials that are widely used in the Indian market:

Granite: If cutting and cutting is a normal feature of your kitchen, you can choose this material because it resists splashes, scratches and is easy to maintain.

Marble: In addition to being a sturdy material, it is one of the most elegant materials to choose from considering its appearance and durability.

Tiles: Difficult to clean but available in different patterns and colors, this is the choice for those who love instant cooking methods.

Laminates: Available in many colors, it’s lightweight and an affordable option for many housewives today.

Steel: sturdy but expensive, it is generally used by chefs for its modern and professional look.

Solid Surface: If you like traditional designs, a solid surface is your bet as this natural stone is available in various colors.

For a complete guide to kitchen worktop materials, click here to learn more.

Kitchen worktop color options:

Getting the perfect color for your kitchen countertop will depend on the following factors:

Kitchen Cabinets: If your kitchen cabinets are wood, you can choose a granite texture to blend in well with the overall kitchen theme. However, if your cabinets and shelves are of one color, such as red or blue, you can choose a full contrast such as white marble or pair it with a different shade of the same color.

Material: If you have already chosen the material for the worktop, the choice of color will depend on the colors available in that material. While marble and steel have limited color options; laminates and granites offer a wide range of patterns and color palettes.

Kitchen counter budget:

Know the net cost of the meter before closing a deal based on the material you choose, your meter cost will be defined by this. However, a standard granite countertop will cost Rs. 550 per square foot, but this can vary by model and material thickness. Keep in mind that if you have it done by a carpenter, the net cost of the kitchen counter is not limited to just purchasing the material, but also installing it based on the size of the kitchen, labor, and transportation costs.

How to avoid mistakes on buy kitchen countertops?

When choosing your kitchen counter, here are some tips to consider to help you avoid making costly mistakes along the way:

Identify the color:

Choose a color that matches your kitchen theme to create a harmonious environment.

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Choose your style:

If you want a modern kitchen, you can opt for soapstone countertops in black for example. If you want a vintage kitchen, you can choose a beige or sand-colored marble worktop. There are several styles to choose from and it will all depend on your personal preferences.

Think about lighting:

When you have less natural light in your kitchen, it is advisable to have a lighter-colored countertop, with gold accents or light-colored spots and spots. 

Ask about stitching:

Talk to your countertop supplier or manufacturer to avoid generating joints in your kitchen countertop.

Choose the material:

It is necessary to determine the material of the countertop before identifying the thickness. Countertops made of granite, stone, quartz countertops, and marble are superior materials compared to wood, glass, and laminate. Check your budget and see which material fits your kitchen remodeling/building list.

Choose the thickness:

As mentioned above, 3cm is the preferred thickness for high-end materials like stone and granite and 1 or 2cm for materials like laminate, wood, and glass.


When planning to remodel a kitchen. Choosing countertops can be the hardest part of all. Appliances aside, you’ll be spending most of your money on this part of your kitchen, so you need to make sure you choose the best possible choice. There are several things to consider before on buy kitchen countertops and making a final decision. Factors such as duration and cost can play an important role in the decision-making process. Make sure you think about these six things before finalizing any work plan.


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