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At the beginning of 2020, everything was as it was supposed to be. White and blue-collared workers went about their jobs by going to their offices or work sites, students were busy attending educational institutions, and countries had to deal with their socio-economic and political situations. 

However, all that changed in March when the threat of Coronavirus became very real. While the world took notice of the growing number of cases in February, it was in March that most countries, including India, decided to take preventive actions, temporarily closing borders and shutting down companies and institutions.

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The global economy went into a tailspin, while uncertainty loomed over industries and educational institutions. A year has passed, but COVID-19 continues to be a pressing issue in India. The doors of most of the schools and colleges remain shut, while students are now used to e-learning. Attending classes via Zoom calls, at least for the foreseeable future remains the safest option. During Q2 and Q3 of 2020, there was a surge in demand for laptops, with Notebooks being the most sought-after models. Concerned parents prefer purchasing mini-laptops and Notebooks, as they are affordable, while still extending the same benefits as traditional laptops.

That said, if you are still thinking about purchasing a new laptop for your child, but are bogged down by the sheer number of options, you can refer to this guide which will help you with your purchasing decision. Here are the key factors you must consider before purchasing a laptop for your child.

Prioritize the display panel

The criteria for selecting a good laptop for a child are very different from the ones we use as our yardstick. For instance, while selecting the best laptop under 40,000 INR for adults, we prioritize the CPU, RAM, and storage space, and in that particular order. However, while choosing the ideal laptop for a child, greater weightage has to be given to the laptop’s display and resolution.

Today, we get good laptops in the budget segment with decent IPS LCD displays. As an example, we can consider the Acer Aspire 5 A515-43 (UN.HGWSI.007) model. Costing less than Rs. 40,000, the device sports an elegant 15.6-inch display with a Full HD resolution. This provides an immersive visual experience to the child with striking colors and contrast, without hurting their eyes. Additionally, with the images being vivid and vibrant, they would prefer spending more time on the laptop, which helps their cause.

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Ensure that the laptop has a good webcam and microphone

Another important aspect that we usually gloss over is the webcam of the laptop. While laptops usually proffer a basic webcam, there are certain models that do not even provide a webcam. However, considering the fact that students have to attend online classes, having a good webcam is essential.

Similarly, it is important to have a good microphone. This eliminates the need to invest in new headphones or earphones. Yet another important factor to consider is the sound output, which makes the two-way communication between the child and their teacher easy and convenient.

CPU and RAM – The usual suspects

We then come down to the CPU and the RAM. Whether you are purchasing a new laptop under Rs. 30,000, or a laptop worth Rs. 50,000, it is important that you look at the CPU with the number of cores and threads, and then the RAM. A quad-core processor executes tasks faster than a dual-core processor, while a 4GB RAM enables you to multitask faster, compared to a laptop with 2GB RAM.

Leading brands today offer decent laptops in the budget segment. Some of the popular laptops, such as Lenovo laptops come with excellent features that extend convenience. For example, the Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3 81W10057IN model comes with a decent webcam with a privacy shutter, Dolby Audio for offering an immersive aural experience, and a 15.6-inch Full HD display that provides stunning visuals. The laptop is powered by the AMD Ryzen 3 processor mated to 4GB RAM, and for a price of just Rs. 30,000, it is one of the best budget laptops, and certainly one of the best laptops under 40000 INR.

You also have to look at other factors, such as the laptop’s battery capacity, weight,, and size, as these devices have to be lightweight for children to carry them around without much effort. Once you take all of these aspects into consideration, you will automatically narrow down the best models being offered at your desired price.

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