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Do you need a new pump for your swimming pool but you’re not sure how to choose the right one? Are you hoping to find one that uses less energy than the last one?

The average US home used over 10 thousand kilowatt-hours of energy last year. When you’re looking for ways to reduce energy consumption, your choice of swimming pool pumps can make a difference.

Here’s a swimming pool pump buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Types of Swimming Pool Pump

There are three main types of pump pools on the market today. They are:

  • single speed pumps,
  • variable speed pumps and
  • dual speed pumps.

The size of your pool is one factor to consider when selecting the proper pump. Pumps come as above-ground or in-ground models, and it’s best to choose the one designed for your specific pool.

Filtration Systems

Your pump must be able to handle the filtration system of your pool. Filtration systems clean your water. They come in three types:

  • sand filters,
  • cartridge filters,
  • diatomaceous earth filters.

Sand filters are the least expensive but aren’t as effective at cleaning your water, and cartridge filters are easy to maintain. Diatomaceous earth filters are more money, but they will provide you with the cleanest water.

The flow rate of your filter has to be suitable for the size and type of your pump. Check your manufacturer’s specifications. For assistance, reach out to the experts at supremewatersales.com, and they will find the perfect solution for you.

Single Speed Pumps

These are the original pool pumps. They operate at one speed, which is usually a relatively high rate to move the amount of water needed when your pool runs at its maximum use. They use an induction motor.

The amount of power a single-speed pump will use is static and predictable. Some states are now prohibiting the use of these types of pumps due to their high energy use.

Dual Speed Pumps

These pumps are more efficient than a single-speed pump and are a great upgrade option.

The induction motor in this pump turns the water over more quickly. The high speed is similar to the single-speed pump, and the slower rate turns your water over more slowly.

Variable Speed Pumps

This option is the most expensive of the three, but it’s a better long-term investment. Instead of an induction motor, a variable speed pump a magnet motor, which causes less friction.

They are quieter and cost less to operate because they run at a lower RPM than induction motors. But they still turn the water over more quickly.

Get the Best Pump for Your Pool

When you know what to look for in a swimming pool pump, you will make the right choice for your pool. It’s surprising how simple it can be once you understand the basics.

We hope you found the answers you were looking for in this article. If so, be sure to use the simple search feature to check out more swimming pool pump buying tips. You can find more helpful advice on the Lifestyle tab as well.


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