PRINCE2 Project Management

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmed

If you are looking for a new challenge in my marketing course this time around, maybe you’re a Believeer.  Maybe you have been told that things can’t get much tougher.  Sometimes things do get tougher, and, believe it or not, that’s good for some of us.  I compare this to theangelo quote about the nature of life being more 98% black and white than it is today.  I believe we have met the blacklook left a trail and, when it comes to business, business is very black and white.  It’s black and white because we keep doing the same things to perfect our art or marketing program, and pretty soon we are accepting and masters of our art that date back to cave man creation.  Our favourite projects require great effort and we’re going to put in it 9-5, trying to fit it into our already crazy lives. A PRINCE2 Course Edinburgh will certainly help with this. 

The Forget Me Not – it’s black and white and after building a successful campaign, and improving it weekly or twice, you have your baby – and your baby is…

  • Un-maintained
  • Un- Served
  • Trapped
  • Lengthy
  • Big Buys
  • Nobody actually buys
  • On a low Cash Flow

Take a quick look at your black and white month and see who’s growing and who’s shrinking.  Which side of that graph am I?

Now the Only untapped North Star – it’s black and white and it’s the Follow Up.  Even if you’ve now got your campaign going, it’s one of the most, if not the most important component of your marketing program.

It doesn’t matter what kind of campaign you’re doing, I want you to focus on this:

“Our Follow Up Marketing”.

I want you to make sure you’re following up every single person you/may have had an advert or some other activity on…  and you keep doing this week in and week out, week after week.  Take a look at your list.

It’s so important.

And that’s what we talk about.

Here’s one example of follow up marketing

A client of mine, who wrote a rendered advert a few years back, literally helped himself to the website address when he was done 14 months down the track.  Now, at 1999, have over 4 million hits on a single page and the entire offer is up, running and making money.  We had to do a couple of other things to make this happen.  (1)mailing his ad as a hard copy letter so it can be mailed back with your letter costs deducted; (2) we had:- a identifying medium which, when we pulled the list for our leads, we had in gist over 90% of the leads hand tickets by the end of the day, and we also used send-away flyers to generate the orders, and (3) we have a sales letter on our website, but we make the obvious exception for a free report offer that they sign up for.

These are just a few of the things we used in our process.

We’d say all is well, the sales are up, the orders are coming in, and the profits are increasing, but we were, at a total loss.

Because now, we have a huge database of these so-called hot leads which are cool leads.  They are exciting, and they are a crowd that want to buy, again and again.

Yet, we were so desperate to take a hit on our commission that we began to cut down on the follow up stage a little bit, and the traffic of people took a little bit longer.  So, where to begin with follow-up marketing?

Well, your initial follow up now is the stuff that made your original advert and offers so hot, which brought your business back stage.  Ultimately, it’s the follow up follow up that is going to allow you to pay for your database, the mailings, the mailings, and so on.

Unless you have something really impressive in your offers, and your people have become so compelled by what they’ve seen that they are coming back time and time again, the follow up marketing is going to be key.  You should therefore make this a point of focus.

This is followed up by…

Next is the marketing process of touches.

It starts here because, you shouldn’t be leaving contacts until you are ready to address them, bad or good, it could be a potential sale here or there and you want to make sure that the potential is two-fold (or six-fold) – a real sale here and a potential sale there.  And your marketing campaign needs to have a constant follow up funnel from triggers to appointments in touch.

This will maximize your ability to generate a huge list of hot prospects over a considerable period time.