Modern society has made us carry valuable gadgets in bags and pockets. Such include our laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Is it a wonder that most of them are reported missing and stolen?  Some of the stolen ones may contain personal information; for example, after buying term papers online there’s a big chance of losing it to thieves.

In between the years 2015-2017, 247,896 cases of tech theft were reported in the UK. 68% of the number were mobile phones, 1.1% tablets, and 21% laptops. In three years, 13,442 laptop cases were reported, 7,749 tablets, and 42697 phones.

In which way shall we keep the valuable technology items safe? Below are five of the tips to secure our valuables:

If you can’t see it, you can’t think about it

Investing in wearables is the secret to keep your valuables safe all time. Several new inventions are already in the market, for example, neck pouch or anti-theft wallets. When we call it the anti-theft wallets, we mean that you are always in control when you are on the move. With its metallic chain, you will notice when somebody starts tugging at your wallet, thus a better place for storing your phone.

The neck pouch can also be similar to an anti-theft wallet and is an excellent place to hide your gadget. Do not pack a lot of things in the pouch as it will make it evident and bulky.

Do not use the public charging stations

All of us have been in an instance where our battery dies or laptop blinkers inconveniently. Let it not catch you by surprise, be prepared. Carry along one portable charger that charges efficiently and quickly. Avoid public areas of charging in airports or train stations. Shifting your attention even for a second can cost you since your gadget can be stolen in no time.

Make use of important apps

Many smartphone users have apps that lock the screen when they’re not in use; these can be useful for keeping your phone safe as it means it won’t be visible to would-be thieves. There are several apps you can download while traveling or walking around. Try the Safe app, Kitestring, or even Companion.  Such apps have some security features that, once activated when you sense the danger of your items being stolen, they sent an alert to another person you have specified. Thus the alerted person can come over to stop such an event.

Hide gadgets while you are on the move

When you are out and about, keep a keen eye out for pickpockets and thieves. It might seem common, but don’t expose your mobile phone as you publicly hold it in your hands or make your laptop easily visible in the backpack.

Keep changing and updating your passwords

When your tech is stolen, many would wish to make it tough for someone else to use. Ensure that your password is solid and change it regularly. It is also valuable to keep all your things under control and with that something like management essay can be useful source of info.


When you follow the precautions discussed here, be sure to keep your valuable techssecure and safe even when you are on the move. Since prevention is better than cure, you might need to invest in the measures explained here and enhance your safety of technological awareness.

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