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Have you ever pondered on what makes a home a home? Is the sound of your kids playing around, the beauty of birds chirping from far and near shrubs flowers, or the interior home decor? Whatever makes your home thick, may not be so for another, the reason you should stick around is to learn more about what you can do to liven up your home!

Stay true to your color:

A lot of things go into making a home lively; one of them is the color for your wall. Your preferred color goes a long way in saying who you are and what you do. Are you eclectic, energetic, reserved, introverted, or extrovert? These personalities can be exhibited through colors. You need to stay true to your color. You can choose to stay true to your color through the clothes you rock, your car, through the preferred gradient of your house paint, the murals on your wall, and of course wall art! Wall art is a great way of staying true to your color. Elephant Stock has an innumerable collection of wall art you can choose from. Take a look.

Be creative:

Be creative:

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but here you need not be under an emergency to be creative. You just need an ambiance suitable for your creativity, and voila, your creative muse just keeps popping up nonstop! Livening up your home requires a great deal of creativity. Creativity with colors, the arrangement of your dining area, lighting, rugs, and carpets, to the wall art in your home. The fascinating thing about being creative is that it costs little to nothing to be creative! For instance, instead of having too many wall art struggling for breathing space on your wall, why not just have one bold central wall art? Instead of placing your furniture firmly glued to the wall, why not pull them all together in one place to give your room that bigger size feel? Instead of drawing your curtain way too low and leaving too much space up, why not raise it above the window level so it makes your room taller? These tricks cost little or nothing to you financially, all that is required is your creativity! And if you really desire to be inspired in this light, Elephant Stock got you covered!

Allow for as much light as possible!

 much light as possible!

If you are contemplating livening up your room, then you need to seriously consider allowing more light into your room! Yea, you heard me right; allow your rooms to take in more light and have fresh air. Just like fresh flowers in their prime, the level of lighting in your room has the potential to affect your mood, perception, judgment, and obviously; your vision. A regularly dim room dampens life, can impede memory, and are a bore sometimes. In this light, more light in the room creates more energy, more enthusiasm, and more life!

You have read some useful tips on how to liven up your room. All that is left to say to you is that you should put what you have read into use by visiting the Elephant Stock wall art photo gallery for more inspiring wall art.

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