Getting your product into the hands of consumers can be difficult. There are so many new products that hit the shelves constantly. With the sheer number of competitors, business owners must find innovative ways to make their packaging unique and recognizable. The approach will be different for each market. Find out how to make the details of your packaging stand out as an added benefit of your product. 

Package Design

When designing your package, be sure to showcase your product first. Then decide if your package will hang or stand on the shelves. Clear designs that are visually appealing grab the attention of potential buyers. Contrasting colors like black and white or opposite colors on the color wheel catch the eyes of shoppers. Once you get their attention, reel them in with details. 


Don’t crowd in extra information on the front of the packaging where you don’t need it. Choose a way to communicate critical details about your product clearly. If your snack pouches are child-resistant, clearly label them as such on the front of the package. This communication will help parents decide between your package and one that doesn’t offer reassurances. Images and graphics often do a better job than words for additional information. 


Recap the vital info from the front and add nutritional information and shelf life details on the back. You can add a brief bio about your company if it seems natural and space allows on the mylar bags custom printing. Consider designing QR coding that will make contact simple for consumers. Your package design is like a business card for your company that consumers pay for; a solid and pleasurable transaction is critical for repeat purchases. 

Importance of Child Proof Packaging

First and foremost, when designing your packaging, you must differentiate between child proof packaging and child-resistant packaging. There is no true child proof packaging, and labeling your products with that misnomer could put you in hot water. Instead, consider marking your packaging with labeling that lets consumers know it is child-resistant. If your packaging meets the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations and the U.S. Poison Prevention Packaging Act, be sure to list it on the product for an added level of reassurance for consumers.

Products labeled as child-resistant are chosen more frequently by parents than other similar products without child-resistant labeling. 

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Decision Making 

Parents know that nothing is genuinely child proof, but child-resistant measures will help grant them that little extra time that makes all the difference in whether their child gets into a package they shouldn’t or not. Grandparents and older family members whose children have long outgrown child-resistant packaging still look for this mark of reassurance to keep their medicine and cleaning supplies safe from little hands when they come to visit. 

Choose contrasting colors and precise product details to help your product stand out in the sea of packaging. Recognizable images do a better job of communicating than additional words. Be sure to add your packing is child-resistant on the front so that parents and caregivers can quickly identify that critical detail in their decision-making process.


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