How to Watch HBO GO Outside US

With original TV series like Game of Thrones and True Detective, HBO GO is one of the best on-demand services in the world. However, it is only available for US residents and you will not be able to watch HBO GO online if you reside outside the US. HBO has restricts the availability of TV shows and in-order to avoid piracy and illegal downloads of their content.

How to unblock HBO Go outside US

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is an accessibility and privacy tool that tunnels and masks your connection through a safe and secure VPN server over the internet. Once this is done, your IP address will be cloaked and unaffected by the blocking measures from HBO GO geo-restriction system, thus enabling you to access the extensive library of HBO GO without a hassle.

Watch HBO GO Online On Your Smartphone

For those who are always on the move and like to stream TV shows and movies on the go, there are HBO GO apps available for both Android and iOS devices. Android device users can visit the Google Playstore and simply download HBO GO to watch HBO GO online. iPhone and iPad users can download the HBO GO app for iOS from the iTunes store. You will require the VPN client on your Android or iOS devices to unblock HBO GO on your smartphone from outside US.

HBO GO has managed to put convenience and sleekness under the same umbrella with these smartphone apps. They’re easy to navigate and give out notifications to users about the latest episode releases and seasons. Both of these apps are a must have for Android and iOS users who are straight entertainment junkies.

Watch HBO GO Online On Your Gaming Console & TV Device

If you like to stream on your gaming console, then don’t worry because HBO GO is also available on both Xbox One and PlayStation4. With a user-friendly mapping of navigational buttons for the convenience of gamers, this app is a must have for any couch potatoes and TV bingers alike.

In addition, HBO GO is also available through dozens of providers for Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, PS3, PS4, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, XBox 360, and XBox One. However, just like every other platform, you’ll require a VPN service to unblock HBO GO outside us. Simply hook your router up with a VPN service and you’re good to go.

Top 5 Shows And Movies To Watch On HBO GO

Here is a list of shows you should definitely check out after unblocking HBO GO outside US:

1. Game Of Thrones

game of thrones

With 6 seasons being aired so far, Game of thrones has a rating of 9.5 out of 10 on IMDB. This show falls under the genre of Fiction, Drama and Medival action.

2. True Detective

Watch True Detective Online

After Kevin Spacey’s phenomenal performance, True Detective managed to nab a rating of 9.1 out of 10 on IMDB. The show falls under the categories of Action, Crime and Drama.

3. Girls

watch girls tv show

With a rating of 7.4 out of 10, Girls is also another reason people look forward to a subscription on HBO GO.  This show meets the genre of comedy and slice of life.

4. The Gallows

watch the gallows

A  movie that caters the fans of the psycho-thriller genre. Currently available on HBO GO for the users to watch.

5. Silicon Valley

watch silicon valley on hbo go

With a rating of a 8.5 out of 10 on IMDB, Silicon Valley is one of the most demanded shows on HBO GO. The show falls under the categories of comedy and slice of life.

Final Words

HBO GO is a must-have for all TV Shows and Movies addict. HBO GO viewers enjoy an endless library of shows and movies glues guaranteed to glue you to your seat for hours. Plus, with the assistance of VPN software, now anyone can watch HBO GO online even if they’re outside US.

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