Huge Price Drop on Indian Groceries Online in Germany at Dookan Summer Sale

There is no one who doesn’t love sales where prices are dropped drastically. Furthermore, if you get the best quality products from your favorite brands, it is impossible to resist. That’s what’s in store for you at Dookan’s Summer Sale. Big Brands, Huge Price Drops, and Easy Shopping from your home. I

Shop Indian Groceries Online Germany from your one-stop Grocery Store, Dookan. All the ingredients you need for preparing Indian meals can be purchased here. Additionally, Dookan no longer has to visit the crowded and expensive Local Indian Grocery Stores. Dookan lets you buy everything you need at huge discounts without leaving your home.

In this article, we will describe in detail the Summer Sale of Dookan and how you can grab huge benefits from it. Further, we have also included a list of must-buy items from Dookan. 

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Save Big On Indian Groceries Online Germany at Dookan Summer Sale

Save Big On Indian Groceries Online Germany at Dookan Summer Sale

Dookan has launched a huge Summer Price Drop on a huge range of products. Rates of popular Indian products such as flour, tea, ghee, rice, and so on, have dramatically decreased. You can easily stock up the bulk items and save a lot on your monthly Grocery Shopping. The Sale is open for all customers and will last until the products get out of stock. So, hurry up! If you delay your shopping, you may lose out on big savings.

Along with the Summer Sale, there are various other advantages you get with Shopping Indian Groceries Online Germany at Dookan. They are as follows – 

  1. Buy Top-Quality products from the most popular Indian Brands, such as Aashirvaad, Amul, Aachi, Dabur, Everest, etc. 
  2. Get Fresh and Hygienic products delivered right to your Doorstep.
  3. Use the Dookan App to track your order’s progress and get super fast delivery.
  4. Purchase Flours, Beverages, Rice, Spices, Ready Made Mixes, Beverages, etc. Further, also check out a wide variety of products available in the Personal and Body Care Category. 
  5. On the products apart from the Summer Sale, you can win unlimited cashbacks every month. Additionally, on your first order from Dookan App, win a Flat 5% off by using the Code MOBILEAPP05. 
  6. Enjoy the completely honest and transparent services with the advance declaration of Expiry Date and easy replacement policy. In case of receiving a damaged or seal broken product, you can easily get a refund or replacement within 14 days of delivery. 

The 5 Most Important Items to Buy from the Online Indian Grocery Store in Germany

The 5 Most Important Items to Buy from the Online Indian Grocery Store in Germany

With the ongoing Summer Sale on Indian Groceries Online Germany at Dookan, here is a list of must-buy items. These products are now available at a huge discounted price and must be stocked in bulk.  

1. Wheat Flour

Wheat Flour is used almost every day in Indian Homes for preparing Chapatis. Its consumption level is very high and could be easily stocked in bulk quantities. If stored in a Cool and Dry Place Wheat Flour can last for a time period of more than 6 months. Check out the discount on prices available on Wheat Flour in Germany at Dookan. 

Price Earlier (€)New Price (€)Discount (%)
Pillsbury Chakki Atta / Whole Wheat Flour (5kg)€8.99€7.9911.12%
Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta (5kg)€9.99€7.9920.02%
Pillsbury Gold Atta (5kg)€9.99€8.9910.01%

2. Pure Ghee

Ghee or Clarified Butter is a prominent part of Indian Recipes. It adds a delicious taste and flavor to Parathe, Chapatis, Veggies, and Sweets. Adding a spoonful of Ghee on top of Dal or Rice enriches its aroma and taste. At the Summer Sale of Dookan, you can buy Pure Desi TRS and Amul Ghee in Germany at a big discount. 

Price Earlier (€)New Price (€)Discount (%)
Amul Pure Ghee (1kg)€19.99€16.9915.01%
TRS Pure Butter Ghee (1kg)€10.49€7.9923.83%

3. Tea

Tea is the most popular beverage in India. The day of most Indians starts with a cup of tea. Whether it’s raining, or you are feeling lethargic, or just want to enjoy your favorite snack, Tea is the best companion for every occasion. You can buy tea leaves from different popular Indian Brands at a huge price discount in the Summer Sale of Dookan. 

Price Earlier (€)New Price (€)Discount (%)
Wagh Bakri Masala Tea (250g)€6.44€4.9922.52%
Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea (250g)€4.09€2.9926.89%
Wagh Bakri Premium Tea (495g)€7.99€5.4931.29%

4. Rice

Rice is the Staple Food in the Eastern and Southern Parts of India. Rice is used to prepare Biryani, Idli, Dosa, Pulao, etc. While just the basic boiled rice could be enjoyed with Dal, Rajma, Kadhi, etc. 

Price Earlier (€)New Price (€)Discount (%)
Annam Sona Masoori Rice (10kg)€18.99€16.9910.53%
Annam Sona Masoori Rice (5kg)€9.99€8.9910.01%

5. Indian Spices

Without Spices all Indian Dishes are incomplete. Spices add aroma, flavor, and heat to Indian Food. Some of the most common Indian Spices are Chilli, Turmeric, Coriander, Cumin, and Mustard. Check out the price drop in Spices in the Summer Sale of Dookan. 

Price Earlier (€)New Price (€)Discount (%)
All Everest spices€1.49€1.0032.89%
TRS Cumin Powder / Jeera Powder (100g)€1.29€0.9923.26%
TRS Chilli Powder Extra Hot (100g)€1.09€0.8918.35%
TRS Turmeric Powder (Haldi Powder) (100g)€0.89€0.7515.73%
TRS Cumin Seeds (Jeera Whole) (100g)€1.29€0.9923.26%


With this huge price drop on Indian Groceries Online Germany, you can save a lot on your Monthly Grocery Budget. As we said earlier, the Sale will last only until the stock lasts, so any delay may result in losing out on this great opportunity. Further, with the excellent facilities and premium customer support of Dookan, you can enjoy your Indian Grocery Shopping in Germany without any trouble. 

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