Important facts about marketing and its importance in 2021

Important facts about marketing and its importance in 2021

Introduction To The Marketing:

In simple words marketing is the name of promoting the products to the customer, companies, clients, and society through communications, different kinds of ads, etc. with the help of marketing you can increase your business level. That’s why understanding marketing is the basic tool for the businessman.

Value/Importance Of Marketing:

Marketing is the first step when you want to vast your business. Because with the help of marketing you are able to invite more customers and make a strong chain with them.

There are some common factors, follow this you will see a positive response in your business.

Customer Satisfaction:

This factor is directly interlinked with your customers. If you want to make permanent customers in business, you will treat them like friends. This is the alternate method due to which your business will grow and your customers will increase because of your morals. According to research, more than 80% of customers make long-term relationships in case when they get a positive response.

Competitive Advantages:

In this factor, you need to produce good and better products for the customers. What you are selling to your customers must be free from all kinds of deceit. At the same time, your product quality should be good and try to make the product cheaper.

Corporate Image:

This is the image of your company in the customer’s mind and in the marketplace. Now, this is your responsibility you make this image positive or negative. In other words, it means your company performance if your company performance is good you will receive positive results otherwise you cannot increase your business status.

Expansion Of Business:

Every businessman wants his business to grow and at the forefront of the market. For this, you should first focus on your products, make your products better. You should find out what your customer likes and what he wants.

Keeping these points in mind, you can become a successful businessman and expand your business further.

Economies Of Scale:

Economies of scale is a term frequently used in microeconomics to describe situations in which as your business grows you can produce at a lower cost per unit.

In other words, when you make more products your average cost will be lower. So that means you will make more money in this case.


Simply efficiency talks about how well you use your resources. Using your resources well means that you are not wasting your raw materials. When you use resources in a better way it is mean that you are a good businessman.

Also, the completion of tasks with minimum cost and without wasting resources is called efficiency.

Let’s Discuss The Basic 4 Principles of Marketing:

This principle of business is very old, it has been running for about 1900. As you know, today’s marketing is completely different from the old, but still, these four principles are the same. The basic four principles of marketing are given below.

1.         Product

2.         Price

3.         Place

4.         Promotion


Product is one of the most essential principles in marketing. Apparently, you make the product for your customers, so you should keep the wish and needs of customers in priority. Your product quality should be good.

Nowadays, where every person is behind the brand, so this is the new method because of which you can expand your business. You should launch the branded products for the customers.


The right place is also important for your business. You should first see if the place is perfect for your business or not.


It deals with any advertising. Through this, you can promote your business. Today’s advertising method became very common and low-cost. There are multiple ways through which you can promote your products and business. You can promote easily through social media, Emails, influencers, content, and many more.


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