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Everyone wants something new in their life now and then. Cannabis smokers have found new ways which have made things simpler. People have been attempting to determine how high they can get on marijuana while avoiding the smoke, scents, strange glances, and stares of others. In this case, delta cartridges have come to their rescue. There are various reasons why people prefer vapes over traditional methods these days. Some of the reasons are-

  • It is available at a low cost.
  • Vapes provide a variety of flavors to make a choice.
  • They are safe to use indoors as well.
  • They are available in a variety of odors.
  • It can help in quitting regular cigarettes.
  • Vapes have a kind of social image attached to them.

What Are Vapes?

Vape has now become a synonym for marijuana vaporizers and e-cigarettes. In easy words, it is a portable device that makes consuming marijuana accessible. Another advantage of using vapes is that it looks fashionable and ‘cool’ for some smokers.

A vaporizer is a device that warms marijuana (dry herb or concentrate) to the point where its active components (THC) turn into vapors without burning. The smoke from high-quality devices enhances the flower’s inherent scent. Vapes come in various forms and sizes. The most common two types of vapes available in the market are:

  1. Desktop vapes
  2. Portable vapes

Desktop Vapes:

A desktop vaporizer is a device used in one location (not for travel). It has a wall socket and mostly lets you fine-tune the temperature. Some types, like the Volcano, have a whip-like structure or a bag that fills with vapor that you then inhale through.

Portable Vapes:

Portable vaporizers are similar to laptops when compared to PCs. Portable vapes operate through a battery. Many portable vapes are e-cigarettes that vaporize marijuana rather than e-juice. Portable vapes can be as small and elegant as a fancy pen or as large and cumbersome as a walkie-talkie or a water bottle. As the name suggests, their best characteristic is their portability. They are travel friendly, hence, preferred by people.

What Are The Best Seasonal Delta 8 Vape Flavors Available

Vape Flavors

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Delta-8 is the hemp industry’s newest buzzword, and it has become a best-seller in recent months. There are a variety of delta cartridges available in the market. The problem comes in deciding the best one. Various factors are applicable while picking the best one, such as the taste of the vape, price, design, and quality of the product. Here are some of the best delta-8 vape flavors available in the market-

Fruity Cereal by Exhale Wellness

Fruity Cereal by Exhale Wellness is a premium quality delta-8 vape available in the market. It helps to relax and feel better. Exhale Wellness also has gummies and tinctures along with vape cartridges. They are potent, effective, and pre-filled with pure cannabis oil.

Fruity cereal by Exhale Wellness can be considered a great alternative to smoking. It has a fruity feel attached to it. This pre-filling is one of the advantages of this vape because you don’t have to worry about filling it. It makes the process fast and hassle-free.


These vapes have candy and a fruity aroma. It allows you to enjoy the ‘high’ along with a delicious touch.

Budpop comprises various flavors, such as sour strawberry gelato, orange chemdawg, and blue dream berry. Their cartridges come in a universal size. Another advantage is that they are 510 vape pen compatible. PEG, VG, PG, MCT Oil, or Vitamin E are not additions. They have a safe and non-toxic silicone heater that is custom-made for hemp. The only drawback of their product is that they are only available online. So, it becomes a disadvantage for people who like to shop their vapes offline.

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD manufactures a variety of cannabis products. It claims that Delta 8 products are free from CBD, CBG, or Delta 9 THC. They have one of the best delta-8 cartridges. They provide a variety of flavors derived from famous cannabis strains.

The availability of so many flavors sometimes makes choosing tiring and confusing. Their best-selling flavors are a blue dream, apple fritter, strawberry lemonade, and grape ape. They also have flavors like guava, sour diesel, pineapple express, tangie OG, lemon squeeze, and banana kush. They have no artificial components as they are lab-tested. They are made of high-quality hemp and are unadulterated.

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3 Chi

3 Chi is one of the primary business enterprises in this industry. It is one of the most transparent, rare cannabinoid-focused, trailblazing enterprises. They manufacture excellent quality Delta-8 products. The products have a snug ceramic mouthpiece and glass cartridge.

They have 95% high-quality Delta 8 and 5% healing cannabis-derived terpenes. They are available in more than 25 flavors. Their products are suitable for customers who have concerns regarding high concentration. Their cannabis extract is lab tested and found to be safe. Their drawback is that they don’t have good customer service.

Cactus Cooler By Exhale

All exhale cartridges are 100% natural and have non-GMO ingredients. Their CBD products are the by-products of the finest hemp. The Cactus Cooler cart has a unique orange or pineapple flavor, and it is sweet and tangy at the same time. It is 100% free from PEG oil.

They offer 20% off on the first purchase and a thirty-day money-back guarantee. The only drawback of this product is that it is expensive compared to other similar products available in the market. Also, this product does not have many customer reviews on its website. Third parties have tested it to ensure quality standards.


There are a variety of vape juice flavors available in the market. A person can choose according to his own needs and wants. Some factors are of utmost importance, such as quality of the product, the authenticity of claims, testing by third parties, product coloring, ingredients used, and affordability.

No threats have come into the limelight by using these flavored vapes. One of the essential things you need to be aware of when investing your money is chemical substances or solvents that manufacturers use while extracting cannabinoids. Also, do not lose ground with the quality of the product, as it can have severe implications for your health. It is always best to choose a better quality product over better flavors.

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