JJ Lares has been a top choice among duck hunters for many years. Their Magnum Hen, their newest offering is quickly becoming one of the most popular calls in use today- it produces that sound ducks fly over marshland and enables you to flush waterfowl out into your line so they can be shot with ease! With this call also comes an additional “duck” sound which may come from any other type of caller – but I highly recommend picking up two different ones since there are some fantastic options available nowadays.

About Kittles Outdoors

Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport has been in business since 1999. It is a family-owned company that continues to operate out of Uptown Colusa, California today with an emphasis on waterfowl supplies and fishing equipment for new customers living nearby or just passing through! The Kittles also sells hunting license classes so you can get started right away if this sounds like something up your alley – they’ve got extensive knowledge when it comes to all things outdoorsy around these parts (eww). Check them out at 1815 E Main St.; call ahead because there are always plenty of folks waiting outside ready to go purchase some gear themselves.

About J.J. Lares

For over three decades, JJ Lares has made one of the world’s most sought-after waterfowl calls in Chico. For this reason, they have received several accolades and are ideal presents for anybody who enjoys hunting ducks with his or her firearm – especially since there are so many available JJ lares duck calls! The only drawback? You’ll need to get your hands on an authentic black call if you want it at all because other hues tend not to be as popular among duck hunters…

The JJ Lares Magnum Hen is one of their newest additions and it’s quickly becoming a favorite among hunters. This call gives you that commanding hen mallard demanding presence on top of some great sound effects which can really open up tuleys when used correctly! The hybrid nature means even those without experience will have no problem getting in on the action, so look for yourself before testing any other products out there because we carry only high-quality brands like this at Kittles Outdoor Supplies.

About the Magnum

The Kittle’s Magnum JJ Lares calls are considered by many to be the premium option, and they have high-pitched squawks which ducks love. The company also offers a product called “Magnum Hens” – it has been well received by our regular consumers as well as individuals who come in looking for something new or different try them out themselves!


If you are looking for a great deal on waterfowl hunting, take the opportunity now and purchase this JJ Lares call from Kittles Outdoor. The JJ Lares Hen Mallard Hybrid-Call will make your next hunt an easy one! These calls sound just like what mallards or drake teal would emit when used correctly with high-quality materials that we provide because at KITTLES OUTDOOR; customer satisfaction is always our priority!


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