Most car owners out there like to compare their vehicles to the human body. Just like you have to diagnose if something goes wrong inside your body, the same should be done with your vehicle as well. And sometimes, these vehicle issues can take the form of emitting smoke from your vehicle exhaust.

But, you shouldn’t panic at all because you may not have to scrap your vehicle yet, at your nearest car wreckers. In this in-depth guide we’ll be covering all the major details you need to know about car exhaust smoke, so that you can take the necessary steps to solve the issue.

The Meaning Of Black Smoke

Even though black smoke might look like the worst type of smoke, released from your vehicle exhaust, you’ll be pleased to know that the problem might not be that chaotic. The release of this black smoke means that your vehicle is burning too much fuel than it should. As a result, the correct air to fuel ratio is not being maintained.

The aforementioned issue can be due to components such as fuel injectors, sensors, air filters, fuel pressure regulators or even an issue with the engine manifold. The release of black smoke means that your vehicle’s fuel efficiency will be lowered. But, the good news is that – this problem is quite easy to fix.

The Meaning Of Blue Smoke

Any release of blue smoke from your vehicle exhaust will be accompanied by a slightly sweet, acidic smell. The presence of this smoke means that your vehicle is burning the engine oil. If it’s a one-off issue, then you don’t need to worry. Otherwise, you have to get your vehicle checked.

The Meaning Of White Smoke

While you might see white smoke coming out of your vehicle exhaust from time to time, it certainly doesn’t indicate that there’s an immediate problem. White smoke is generally of two types – thin vapour and thick vapour.

Thin white smoke is generally seen when vehicles are frequently used for short trips. In such short trips, your vehicle’s engine might not get enough time to warm itself up. As a result, such a practice will lead to the formation of rust as well as other corrosive coatings on the internal components of your vehicle.

On the other hand, thick white smoke can be quite worrying as it’s a sign that the coolant of your vehicle is leaking into the engine. As a result, such a process will lead to a blown gasket and even lead to the failure of the entire engine. Thus, if you see thick white smoke coming out of your vehicle, don’t hesitate to get it checked by a professional mechanic.

And if the time arrives when your vehicle is just not worth the repairs, don’t forget to contact our car wrecking service.


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