Living in Comfort: How to Reduce Allergies in Your Home
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Do you find yourself rubbing your itchy and watery eyes often? Do you sneeze multiple times in a row, even when your home is not cold?

It may not seem quite obvious at first, but you likely suffer from indoor allergies.

Tiny particles of dust mites and pet dander in your home environment are culprits of your subtle allergy reactions. You may not see these particles, but they’re everywhere, and they can trigger serious allergic reactions over time.

That is why keeping a clean house and maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule are crucial. It is also a basic form of self-care for you to live in a clean home. Here are some easy tips on how to reduce allergies in your home environment so that you can live in comfort.

Clean Your Carpet

Carpets are one of the most neglected areas of home cleaning and thus, one of the dirtiest places of your home. They collect unseen dirt, dust, hair, dead skin cells, and crumbs that attract critters and increase your chances of an allergic reaction.

Whether you own a small rug or, carpets cover your entire floor, you need a proper carpet cleaning. Vacuuming does not cut it. Your carpet fibers are still dirty from lack of cleaning and washing over time. Carpets require unique care in sanitizing and disinfecting these fibers to not ruin them.

Fortunately, professional cleaning companies like Part Time Maid have gotten the process down. They can even quote you on how long the cleaning process will take.

Are you too busy to clean your carpet? No worries. Leave it to the professionals.

Wash Bedding and Curtains

Anything you leave to sit will collect dust.

This is especially the case with curtains, bedding, and other fabrics around your home. An easy way on how to reduce allergies around your house is to wash these fabrics often.

The rule of thumb for cleaning bedding, which collects dust and heaps of dead skin cells, is once every week. Choose anti-allergen fabrics for bedding such as pillowcases to help reduce indoor allergies.

For curtains, opt for ones that are lightweight and that you can clean with ease. You’re more likely to clean your curtains if it is easy to remove and put back on the curtain rod.

Maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule for washing these dust-prone fabrics around your home will help to minimize allergy symptoms and reduce indoor allergies.

Learn More on How to Reduce Allergies in Your Home

Having a clean home should be a standard of self-care.

You may be busy but, your home is the place you go to at the end of the night to rest, recharge, and feel rejuvenated. In addition, one of the benefits of a clean home is that it reduces the chances of an unexpected allergic reaction.

You can learn more about how to reduce allergies by following us for more tips on cleaning your home and maintaining a clean space. Check out our lifestyle section for more!


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