5 Things to keep in Mind When Writing a Will

In this unprecedented period of general confinement, faced with a widespread feeling of anxiety and concern, our professional copywriting platform “Magine Solution” wanted to make a contribution to the building by making a most consistent effort to offer best copywriting course at a price sacrificed.

Our complete SEO copywriting training course, usually available at a price of 20$, is currently offered at an exceptional price of 12.99$ only.

To face the terrible Covid-19 epidemic that is currently raging, you are forced to stay locked up at home. But that does not mean that you have to give up your ambitions and your plans in the process. At Magine Solution, we are convinced that behind every situation, no matter how difficult, lies an opportunity. We have decided to make it accessible through this course offer created especially for you.

Writer at heart? Finally take the plunge

The profession of web copywriter appeals to you, but the idea of ​​starting your business scares you? Don’t know where to start and already dizzy?

The SEO copywriter training course will answer all your questions and dispel all your doubts. Designed for you, it details precisely what every SEO web copywriter needs to know. We have developed a program that is intended to be comprehensive and rich in our renowned expertise. At the end of this journey, all you have to do is stand on your own feet and finally flourish through your editorial activity.

Use this time which, by necessity, is offered to you and monetize it to achieve your goals.

The content of the SEO web copywriter training

You will study 8 modules spread over a total duration of 22 hours (on average) which you will be able to access for three months. Supervised by seasoned professionals in web copywriting, you will work on theoretical cases, but also practical cases, in order to practice. You will be evaluated regularly to assess your progress.

No more aspect of the SEO web copywriting profession will hold any secrets for you. Your study will be structured around 8 complete and synthetic modules with, each time, specific objectives:

  • The job of web editor: understand the job and know how to adapt your texts according to the customer’s request
  • The qualities and skills of the web editor: bring added value to his texts and acquire technical automatisms
  • The tools to improve your SEO texts : gain in productivity and carry out a strategic watch
  • Writing techniques: the preliminary stages of writing, building your work methodology
  • Web marketing applied to web writing: training in digital marketing and offering your expertise to your customers
  • Business management: the secrets of customer relations , managing and sustaining your activity, mastering entrepreneurial management tools
  • Administrative assistance and tax procedures: everything you need to know to start your business and avoid mistakes

At the end of this course training, a scored certification will be issued to you. It can be promoted with potential employers or used on various social networks and of course, on your professional website.


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